5 interesting facts about how California are unmanned vehicles

Simon Tuoyo of Mountain View talked about his experience of life among the unmanned vehicles from Google and other companies. No pedestrians or drivers are not surprised robotic vehicles, and at the same time believe that these cars do not violate traffic rules and always miss people on the move.

Simon has no relation to Google, or to other manufacturers unmanned vehicles. He lives in Mountain View, Calif.

blockquote> 1. On the day you can meet on the streets of the city for at least five unmanned vehicles, most often it is the company's Lexus Google.

2. The drivers and pedestrians belong to the "drones" sovreshenno quietly. Roboavtomobili lead "grandmother": do not climb to the stop line, not break away, do not drive at high speeds and never rebuilt, cutting other road users. With the lack of visibility they pauses approaching the turn centimeter by centimeter.

3. Unmanned car quite well with pedestrians: they advance stop as soon as they see that someone is coming to transfer and move only after the pedestrian crossed the road and away from it.

4. In California, motorcyclists are allowed to travel between the rows, but cut roboavtomobil also safe: it always stops, letting the bike in front of you to rebuild.

5. robotic cars get into accidents solely the fault of the drivers live. While cases of accidents caused by an unmanned vehicle has not been fixed.

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