IKEA showed how the kitchen will look in 10 years

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The company IKEA, a giant in the world of furniture, published his vision how to change the kitchen of a person walking in step with the times, after 10 years. She published the concept of "Kitchen 2025ยป.

It would seem that you can come up during the manufacture of food? This ancient occupation seemed to have perfected. Fire, knives, pans, pots, kitchen spoon ... But the twentieth century led to the kitchen electricity - microwave, electric stove, plates with induction heating and ceramic coating.

21st century while only trying to invent some new approach, mainly using smartphones. 3D-printers food - it's unclear what they are. Smart pans - doubtful. Gadget for control plate - amusing, and, by the way, it could be simply inserted into the plate.

IKEA offers his vision of the kitchen of the 21st century:

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Table combined with a video camera, a video projector and an induction hob.

The camera recognizes products posted on the table. Slide products in one pile - and the computer will offer you the options of recipes that include these foods. The projector displays the options on the table. Select an option, and the projector will show you in detail what to do with each of the ingredients. You can also view a training video for cooking. This video can be written by professionals - or your friends and relatives.

After preparing the dishes they can start to prepare, without departing from the table - below the surface are induction heating elements. They also help to keep your coffee warm while you sit at the table and charge your gadget.

Open storage of food h4> Fast food delivery drones or other high-speed means the need to cancel the weekly purchases and allow to keep food on the open shelves that do not spend electricity and do not hide food.

The bottom of the container consists of stainless steel and an alloy of gadolinium. Double transparent walls retain heat and allow to see the food. On a shelf induction method cools the container, and if it is to rearrange the table, the induction can warm up food to the desired temperature. The required storage temperature and cooking is read automatically from RFID-tags, which we glue with shopping on food packaging container.

Respect for the waste h4> Organic Waste in the sink, squeeze dry and stored in the form of briquettes for loading into a garbage truck.

The remaining water is used for watering houseplants. Inorganic waste is sorted by material and pressed into briquettes. Depending on the amount of waste that have to be disposed of, the family receives discounts on energy, or vice versa, markups.

Respect for the water h4> The shell can swing around an axis - if the water is not very dirty, it can be drained in one direction and send to watering plants. Very dirty water is discharged into the sewer.

The future is here h4> At the table already has a working prototype. At least, recognition products and projector shown at the exhibition:

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