IKEA Launches Sale DIY-kit for embedding wireless zaryadok in the usual furniture


The company IKEA announced earlier sale of furniture with built-in wireless chargers. Such furniture, according to plan, will be sold in a limited number of stores. But wanting to get this furniture is much more than most furniture. Therefore, the company приняла decision to launch the sale of kits for self-embedding in furniture of any type.

That is, if you have a table, there can be integrated charging their own hands. You will need $ 30 for that amount you can buy an induction charging Jyssen, plus $ 5 for sale yet and special drill, drill the hole allowing the required diameter.

Do not like the idea of ​​perforate your furniture? Then there is another option - IKEA offers special pads that can be placed on any surface. So far, no sale of these kits, but IKEA promises to start selling them in May, first in the US, and then possibly in other countries.

It is worth recalling that the chargers from IKEA supports standard wireless charging QI. At the moment, it is not unique, but the most popular standard for wireless charging. If your device does not support this standard, there is no problem - in the same IKEA will sell special cases for mobile devices, adds support for the standard.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/249228/


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