Do-it-yourself electric car

More and more automotive firms includes electric vehicles in range of their models, more and more buyers give them your preferences, and as for ideological reasons to support green development, and focusing on the quality and usability of electric vehicles.

However, not all imagine what kind of "green fruit" on wheels, how it works and how it works. In addition, many people are addicted to homemade products. For this category of potential users of electric vehicles the Japanese company Modi Corp offers prefabricated DIY (Do-It-Yourself, Do-it-yourself) kit of parts from which you can easily build a real electric car. Well, almost real.

From a technical point of view this is more a electric bike on four wheels than an all-electric car. It klassificeret manufacturer, focusing on local standards. However, scratch has all the basic components that an actual vehicle.

It is even possible to register and to leave it on city streets. Truth to go far and go fast will not work. Modi-Corp, compares his creation with the kart. Speed of a homemade electric car does not exceed 35 kilometers per hour, and power reserve from a single charge of the batteries within 24 kilometers.

In the cockpit of an electric car can fit only one person, if the buyer have enough skills and patience to assemble the kit, he will receive an individual vehicle with a length of 2.5 meters and weighing 200 kilograms. Power of motors of 1 horsepower is supplied from a 36 volt battery.

However, the clause "if you have enough skills", most likely unnecessary. To build from a kit of parts individual power horse capable of any teenager, not to mention competent and experienced adult uncles. It would wish.

Modi-Corp is not a pioneer on the market of individual DIY kits to build electric car. Such sets were popular in the 70-ies of the last century, when the outbreak of the first oil crisis, which forced to reflect on whether reckless orientation to the oil and energy products.

Such sets are not uncommon in the modern market. Differences of a set of Modi-Corp in that it is focused primarily for educational purposes and is intended for studying principles of operation of the electric vehicle by students, pupils and all interested in. These goals due to the simplicity of the set and availability for its assemblies are not the most qualified collector. The company is counting on sales of the kit primarily for educational institutions. But no one is forbidden to buy it for myself.

Offering the market your option DIY electric vehicle Modi-Corp, you can say "killing two birds" with one shot. On the one hand young and curious people are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills that can be useful for career and personal growth. On the other hand it attempts to revive the interest of Japanese car, which has been steadily declining in recent years, judging by sales in the Japanese market.


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