Audi all-electric F12 "e Sport" - the electric car of the future

According to some experts, over 100 years on the roads will alone electric vehicle. It is a pity that there is no way to verify the correctness of the allegations firsthand. But most of the car companies to electric cars has long been taken very seriously indeed, developing electrical concepts, prototypes and models.

The world famous automobile brand from Germany, Audi has presented to the society their vision of the development of the electric car, designed in the form of conceptual Kara Audi all-electric F12 "e-Sport".

It should be noted that the designation F12 already met in the range of Audi models. In the period 1964-1965 years produced the DKW F 12 Roadster. The elegant sports car was not distinguished by any particular parameters on the background of the modern level of development of autotechnology, but that was almost 50 years ago.

The concept F12 nothing in common with its formal "predecessor". If to speak about external similarity, the prototype closer to the Audi R8 V10, a famous lighting system based completely on the LEDs.

Unlike the R8 — prototype F12 "e-Sport" full electric car. It was developed in collaboration with Bosch and a number of research centers Aachen. The purpose of the project is the creation of a flexible technology platform that will serve as the basis for a variety of electric vehicles, from compact urban electric vehicles to sedans and sports coupe.

As the propulsion concept used three electric motors, each of which is managed individually. The front wheels are spinning synchronous motor used for slow leisurely and relaxing drive.

Two optimized induction motor working on the rear axle. They connect at high speeds, turning the electric car into all-wheel drive Quattro. The joint efforts of all three engines developing a power of 150 kW (or 204 HP) with 550 Nm of torque.

The electric motors are powered by two different battery packs. Each of them consists of 200 elements, with a total capacity of 38 kWh. The voltage sections 144 and 216 volts to the motors energy is fed through the Converter. Under normal conditions, the motors are powered by a voltage of approximately 200 volts, but if you press on the gas pedal, it increases to 440.

Battery system includes an energy-absorbing aluminum section. They absorb impact energy in collisions. Form battery packs allows them to shift relative to each other, which ensures extra safety in the event of an accident. The battery temperature regulated by the heat pump, which also includes temperature control of the powertrain and interior.

Manage the basic functions of the actuator is controlled with buttons on the center console. All other operations, "runs" removable tablet computer, also located on the center console.

According to representatives of Audi, is now continuing the study of the components and systems of the project. However, individual technologies are likely to be used in production in the near future.


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