Electric car Pius: do it yourself

Modern electric is a sophisticated high-tech mechanism that is collected in special plants by trained staff. But the Japanese company MODI Corporation has released the car with an electric motor of Pius, which anyone versed in the art of man can collect himself, having a home set of tools.

Many modern products to reduce their cost are sold unassembled. Take furniture from IKEA or even a bike and scooter from Nicolas Belli (Nicolas Belly), which the buyer must collect according to the instructions.

But the company MODI Corporation is in this case further and plans to start serial production of electric vehicles, which will be delivered to the buyer in the form of a set of parts, and he himself will have to pomudrit to get the desired vehicle.

Precast electric Pius has very modest specifications. It is designed only for one passenger, which is simultaneously the driver. It is an individual vehicle can accelerate to speeds of 35 miles per hour and travel up to 25 miles on a single full battery charge.

The idea of the company MODI Corporation, the Pius electric vehicle will be used for training driving skills, travel within the large University, hospital, government, campuses, and other similar purposes.

Moreover, the electric car of this kind falls into the class of "motorized Bicycle" in Japanese vehicle classification. Which means its owners will not need a driver's license in order to sit behind the wheel of Pius.

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