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time big cars with powerful engines coming to an end. Now in vogue compact cars on which it is convenient to ride through the streets of big cities and not noticing problems with parking. A fuel consumption and say nothing - such machines or consume very little electricity or drive ... And some even in the air. Tata AIRPOD - Pneumatic city avtomobil5b7074454f.jpg

The Indian company Tata announces the imminent start of serial production car Tata AIRPOD, who will work on the basis of pneumatics. That is, moving these small craft are due to the compressed air injected into the tank of 175 liters. It should be enough to drive 200 kilometers at a maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour. E-mobility - city car created Rossii2ea858484c.jpg

Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov is not the first idea of ​​tinkering with his Yo-mobile - cheap cars in Russia. It is expected that these machines will be on sale in mid-2013. Eco-E - the cheapest in the world elektromobil8ad7155da8.jpg

Modern electric cars often cost more than their petrol or diesel counterparts. Soon, however, this formula may be outdated. After all, the market runs the machine Eco-E, which is destined to become the cheapest electric car in the world. It can accelerate to a speed of 40 kilometers per hour, to pass up to 65 km on a full battery, and is thus only 9995 US dollars. Moreover, the price is expected to soon be further reduced. Autolib - a network of electric vehicles in public Parizhec9fc41ed46.jpg

If you are not willing to pay big money for the purchase of an electric vehicle, but at the same time live in Paris, Autolib - this is a great option for you! We are talking about a network of public electric cars that can be rented for mere pennies literally every corner of the French capital while back elsewhere. Kenguru - for electric invalidov9d955644d2.jpg

Kenguru - the world's first electric car designed for people with disabilities in terms of movement. It is designed for people with disabilities, who easily able to call directly on the inside of his wheelchair. Tata Pixel - city car premium klassa2fc70af494.jpg

The Tata Pixel gathered all the best that there is in modern cars. It is compact, economical, and thus can be controlled from a mobile phone or tablet. Series production is planned for the Tata Pixel 2014 th year. Electric Pius: Gather sam2bb214a565.jpg

To reduce the cost of electric vehicles of its own production, the Japanese company MODI Corporation began producing cars with the name Pius, which each buyer will be able to collect his own in the attached instructions. City car from Aston Martin929f9497e9.jpg

Everyone is used to the fact that the company Aston Martin produces expensive and luxury cars, which are to become owners - a great honor. The same is true of urban cars Aston Martin Cygnet & colette. Of course, this machine is small in size and low consumption of the engine, but it is still the same Aston Martin - a luxurious, comfortable, expensive. Twike - «frivolous» City avtomobil644bfa0280.jpg

The word "hybrid" we usually call a car that has a motor, combining the combustion engine and the electric motor. But cars with the name Twike can move through both the electric motor and by the power of human legs. This machine is compact, lightweight and economical (to drive 300 miles on it only costs 2.4 US dollars). T.25 - a car that is able to turn on mestedbfe5defda.jpg

T.25 - this is one of the most compact and unusual in the world of electric vehicles! Its main feature is that it can turn around its axis. Because of this ability, one standard parking space can accommodate three such cars.



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