15 amazing ways to transform IKEA furniture

If you are tired, your furniture looks like a neighbor, or you want a little variety and chic, the Website has found a solution. We collected examples of great design transforms ordinary things from IKEA. Get inspired!

Turn an ordinary chair designer item

How do you see here.

Make out of the crib for a bed for your beloved pet dolls

This Japanese fashion has captured the whole world. Host with imagination and his lovely fur seal found here.

And from regular stools make the original shelf

Step by step instructions, see here.

Or give life to a plain white lamp

graphics options found here.

One small detail adds usually so chic

How you do this is described here.

Inconspicuous dresser can be converted into a real decoration of the room

< br> . Instructions here

A two-story cot - at the "rod-"

Details in this video.

Sometimes it is enough simply to change the angle of view

Examples here.

Rare designer thought of this method of using plastic containers!

The entire installation process, see here.

Shelves for books can be transformed into a house for a hamster

< br> This is the original home for your pet! Details here.

And from ordinary mirrors do vintage element of the interior

Other variations here.

Small shelves can be the basis of the dressing table

As it is collected, disclosed herein.

When color is everything

How to paint, explain here.

Can dream and imagine mat donut

Details here.

Give any kind of chest aristocratic

More photos transfigured chest here.

A of the shelves and the rug can make excellent hanging ottomans for cat

< br>
How is it to collect, look here.

Preview: ikea / littlegreennotebook

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