Group "Rousseau tourists", spit on look morale, went to Holland interesting shop with a desire to try it just once huch, Dutch is something to be. And there are quite strange pill-poultice of all colors, and in comments translated something like "for fun, for rasslabuhi for delight, for joy." Well, everyone took what the soul asked, and one decided to show off - "for fear" took.
"I do not believe, says, - that might scare me." Nu-nu ...
Came to the hotel, just in case gathered in one room, and used the caulked there. Who giggles who dream. And the only original suddenly broke with a wild yell: "Right now collapses! "Ran up against the wall and let it hang back and wailing, saying, swine, helps keep - press down all the same! And cried until morning, while all around were laughing and relaxing ... By morning vain Thomas unbelievers.
And you have to believe what the label says, Especially in pharmacology.


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