Parable about a stone

Ehal a young man on the sparkling new "Jaguar" in a good mood, humming a tune. Suddenly he saw children sitting beside the road. After he traveled cautiously them, going back to pick up speed, he suddenly heard a car hit a rock.
The young man stopped the car, got out of her and grabbed one of the boys by the collar and began to shake him, shouting:
 - Brat! What the hell are you threw a stone in my car! Do you know how much is this car ?!
 - Excuse me, mister, - replied the boy. - I had no intention to cause harm to you and your car. The fact that my brother - an invalid, he fell out of the carriage, but I can not pick it up, it's too heavy for me. For several hours we ask for help, but no car stopped.
I had no other choice but to throw a stone, otherwise you would not have stopped.
Young man helping a disabled seat in the chair, trying to hold back the tears and suppress the approaches to the throat com. Then he went to his car and saw a shiny new dent in the door, the rest of the stone.
He traveled for many years on this machine, and each time saying "no" to the proposal of the mechanics to repair this dent in the door, because every time she reminded him that if you proignoriruesh whisper, you will fly in stone.


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