- I want to find someone who will not need my beauty and my soul ...
 - Devil or something?

Jaroslaw: how are you?
Xenia: good
Xenia: Man trying to glue
Jaroslaw: inflatable or something?

Che Well, do you think the army Angela Zheka wait?
-It Is unlikely, it is his work and is not always waiting.

-Vchera His wife pasted wallpaper. Damn, I almost got divorced!

He: Why did not you answer my calls and SMS?
She: There's where you sent me, a bad connection.

C lookatme, about which came into force a law on the protection of children from harmful information:
xxx: Nevertheless, it is 16 years represented the Russian legislation old enough to learn about the existence of the word "ass" - because, apparently, plenty of knowledge about the world that correspond to the word, at this age it becomes absolutely critical. < br />
xxx: the issue kid !!! there wheelbarrow (foreign car) as cling girls ???))))
yyy: cable have?

Igor: This is the first time you meet a woman and tell her what a fool was the guy that you lost. And then time passes and you realize what a fool was not that guy ...

He: You're my bird!
She: What?
He: Mozgoklyuyka!

Well, and where is the logic?
-I Have told you, where is the logic, but the gynecologist told her that there are not. :)


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