Hardworking scammers

In the mid-nineties, when the number of exchange offices in the country was extremely small, and the exchange rate they often cause a smile, doing business people produced CHANGE-operation with me. I am not an exception, and I am often I knew. And often demonstrate products and local Vasnetsovs Aivazovsky. Forged dollars, I mean. Different quality product was. Of course, the personality of the president softened discrepancy dignity bills. When did one hundred, for example. And there were just misspelled.
But most of all remember quite qualitatively drawn dozen, converted from five. I sometimes say in such cases, long thought. The idea was simple - it's something you just for five dollars so to persist. Clearly visible - that the work is not for a couple of hours.
But this strange murder pales before the time that is shown in this video. That there should first select the specific half nuts. Then chop melenko cement. Wrap it in order not to thundered in napkin. Glue all this gamuz a whole nut. Mother dear! Well this is how it should work! And with such a miserable financial exhaust. Yes make easier for the same time. That's truly need to be a crook by vocation. Because there is almost like in the joke: "The people of this incredulous and gives money so hard that I had the impression that the money I earn»


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