The three largest mobile operators in Ukraine acquired licenses for 3G connection

This morning Winners of Ukrainian contest for the third generation. The competition was held in the form of an auction with three lots, where each lot represents a certain portion of the frequency spectrum. The quality of different items - according to the participants of the auction, самым promising is the second lot , since the frequency spectrum relating to this lot, the most "pure". Two other lots on offer include edge portions of the frequency spectrum, related to 3G, so they are less attractive, but they will be more difficult to exploit.

"At ranges have illumination from the" neighbors ". Therefore, in order to build a network in these ranges will hang on each transmitter band pass filter, which firstly reduces the signal level, and secondly, blocks illumination from the other bands. Such filters are expensive. Therefore, the cost of network construction in extreme lots will cost much higher potential owner », - сообщил General Director of "MTS Ukraine" Ivan Zolochevsky.

Operating parameters of 3G frequencies in different European countries ( source images )

In Ukraine, the three largest mobile operator, and all operators were able to get one lot. In this case, the winners were следующим way :

  • The first lot went operator "Astelit" (TM life :)) with a proposal for a license 3 355 billion USD with a starting price of 2, 708 billion USD (the rate is now about 30 UAH per 1 US dollar); li >
  • The second lot was the operator "MTS Ukraine" with a starting price of 2, 715 billion USD;
  • The third item was "Kyivstar", also defeating the proposal, equal to the starting price of the lot in 2, 7 billion hryvnia.
     Now companies have to pay lots received, in addition, operators have made a number of commitments. For example, mobile operators have to assume the costs associated with carrying out the conversion, the total cost of which is estimated at 1, 6 billion USD. It is contemplated that the amount may vary depending on inflation. Also, companies will be required within 18 months after the start of the competition the third generation network in the territory of all regional centers of Ukraine, and for 6 years - on the territory of all regional centers and all settlements with a population of over 10 thousand people.

    With respect to the average data rate for users, it is должна was 42 Mbit / s, provided pure spectrum (it seems that this rate will be relevant for networks "MTS Ukraine", this company, as mentioned above, has got the most promising area of ​​frequencies).

    Operators, except for the cost of deployment of the appropriate network infrastructure, will have to spend more and conversion freeing range from military users. The cost of such a conversion in the current course of the national currency, will be about 1, 7 billion USD (recall rate of about 30 USD per $ 1).

    According to the CEO "MTS Ukraine", the total investment in 3G services in the country will be approximately US $ 1 billion. "MTS Ukraine" will invest approximately $ 600 million of this amount.



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