10 Commandments of the ideal husband. Part 2.

6. Do not ignore the needs of his wife to be with you

Of course, no two people are alike, but in general, women are more willing to be next to a man than he is - with her.

7. Do the best you can to wife feel safe

Sense of security - one of the first needs of women in the family and relationships, and it can make up for a caring, gentle, considerate husband.

The woman is feeling arises, if the husband is interested in her daily life. Maybe you do not impress the details of her day's work, but, listening to her stories, you hereby expresses its love and thus enhance its sense of security.

8. Treat with understanding and patience to change the mood of his wife

Mood changes all people without exception, but women more often than men. What to do in such situations? Do not give her mood, be balanced. You can become a reliable support for his wife, because not subject to such changes of mood, as she had. Therefore, do not panic when this happens with his wife. Be kind and patient.
* But themselves kindness and patience are not taken out of nowhere, they contribute to the development of your personal spiritual growth and fellowship.

9. Promoting wife in her attempts to improve your alliance.

As a general rule, if a woman that is not satisfied in the family, they seek the help of books, psychologists and clergy. They want to make positive changes, and it hurts self-esteem of many men, and they resist such attempts wives. Such a man is likely to refuse to read an article about raising children, offered to him and his wife as well as take it as criticism. But listen to my advice: read this article! What do you lose? You might even learn something! ..

10. Find out her individual needs and to make efforts to meet them

No two wives. The one on which you are married, is different from all other women. At first glance, it may seem like you need infinite or irrational, and you decide you never get to meet them all. But it is worth trying at least to find out what needs your wife what she wants, that he loves. And then try to meet those needs as best they could. This does not mean that you have to indulge all her selfish whims, but you must learn to accept and respect even that seems insignificant and illogical. You will see how much happier she becomes, if you do not neglect it.


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