10 Commandments of the ideal husband. (Part 1)

1. Be firm character and tenderness toward his wife

Every woman, regardless of its degree of self-confidence, needs a man who can be relied upon, to which she herself does not have to be the head. It needs a strong and gentle at the same time her husband.

2. Constantly praise wife

Women are by nature less confident than men. This is partly explained by the fact that modern women have too many responsibilities: life, children often work full time, taking care of elderly parents, etc. And since it is emotionally vulnerable, she, like air, constant words of encouragement and praise.

Almost every wife asks her husband: "Do you love me?" Not just on the eve of the wedding, but after five or ten years of marriage, a woman asks this question is not what the suspected her husband of infidelity, or felt his indifference, but make sure its love all over again. She needs no "information" and confirm.

3. Section with her responsibilities

In relations between spouses should be segregation of duties. Since you're both grown and raised in different families, with different traditions, is entering into an alliance, you will encounter unexpected "tricks" to each other. For example, in his wife's family always throw garbage father, and her husband's family it was the responsibility of the mother. How to be a new family? Often between spouses to the smallest matters disputes and even scandals. Therefore, the Treaty establishing your own "traditions».

4. Do not criticize

Husband, constantly criticizing his wife, cause many negative effects:

• The wife may be depressed.

• Negative emotions and stress can cause her various physical ailments.

• It can become angry, closed or frigid.

• cease to respect themselves.

• Will pour out their pain and hurt children.

• decides to divorce.

Constant criticism is always destructive, but there is a positive way in which it is possible to make changes in the relationship. No communication is not without criticism, but less than her, the happier will be family.

5. Remember the importance of the "little things»

Men tend to be less sentimental than women, so they do not attach much importance to birthdays, anniversaries of various family events and all sorts of "stuff" that women can be very important.


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