This companion of life (Torsunov).

1. That the true life partner who is fully aware of the purpose of life of their loved one and deeply aware of his possible fate.
A woman should very much inspired by the aim of men.
But if she does not accept the conditions of life that man can give, it breaks down and your life, and her husband.
A woman should educate their children, which means to keep them in severity. Rigor to teach her girls is the correct behavior. Rigor for a boy means to give him the opportunity to make mistakes. Boy should educate a man, he always puts him in such circumstances, when it is difficult. And if the mother can not take it, she indulges his son that it facilitates trials that father asks him, and thereby destroys the fate of his son.
If the husband is not interested in his son, so it is not respected.
To properly educate her husband and step back, you must first learn how to serve him.
A woman should be fully satisfied that gives it life.
The more a woman is strained, the more a man relaxes.
As a woman thinks of the man, so he becomes.
2. There will be a happy family where the wife is not able to inspire her husband to perform their duties. If a woman is useless in this matter, the family will lose wealth and everything else.
Inspire means to respect it and take care and keep it in that he wants to do. And does not support when he does not perform his duties.
Half-hearted action with a man does not work.
The psyche of men compared with the locomotive, women like the wind.
If a woman wants something to bring her husband, on the average, it should be gentle and kind voice tell him it's about 50 times.
3. If a woman has all the right life partner, the family life her husband have nothing more to wish for, it has everything, but if it does not have these qualities, he has nothing.
4. Can there be more to life than this treasure righteous wife?
5. A virtuous woman waking up in the morning, not thinking about God, it expresses reverence her husband, and the Vedas say that this is enough. Even the clouds will obey a woman and caused it to rain on her orders.
A woman who takes on the austerity respect her husband and to worship him, it becomes a very powerful personality.
But it is the hardest to do it, because the feature of her mind: she can not see the truth. Ie it, if pure, knows her husband inside out, all the details, and in spite of that it should in your heart to worship him.
In fact, it should be void of fashion house.
6. What's the use of renunciation and asceticism of a woman who works on himself and not working on my husband.
The man is a woman the clay with which she sculpts her fate.


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