According to the Vedic scriptures, it is that the wife should know.

Three factors for her husband.
1. Need
2. Freedom
3. seen for what it is.

1. Need - means that is always needed, every day, every hour, every minute. Not only when you need to buy something or to repair or do housework. And just needed.

2. Freedom - this does not mean that you are free and "wali wherever you want," as is sometimes said of his wife to their husbands. Single - then make decisions when the husband sees fit, and to make when it sees fit.
Example: The wife asked her husband to do something around the house. The husband did not react. Then the wife even more insistently tells her husband about what to do. The husband does not respond. Then the wife starts screaming at her husband and tell him what he is worthless. The Result? No result. Broken relationships and to fulfill the request.
3. seen for what it is - which means no matter what you are now and as behaving. The main thing I love and accept no matter what.


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