A cautionary tale about the benefits of yoga :)

Australian Beth Kalman in their 85 for more than 40 years of practice as a yoga instructor. Laughed in the face of age, Beth still perform complex maneuvers that require pumped flexibility, hardness of bones, muscle elasticity and good coordination. Under her power and lotus, and the bridge, handstands and head. Its authorship is owned three books on yoga, including "Yoga for arthritis."
Here's how Beth commented ability to yoga: I am proof that if you persevere, you will achieve good results. Now I can do more than 50 years ago. Never too old age. The body is an amazing tool. It can stretch and stretch, improve and improve. Even a simple posture, or just walk up to the window and breathe deeply, great benefit.
Mrs. Kalman gives up to 11 yoga classes a week and not going to stop, and setting an example to their peers and young grandchildren, and all of us. Yoga helps you to keep youth. Never being a yoga session, I do not want to be somewhere else, because I know that I will go out of the hall on the top of the world. Yoga will be with me always.

Forget about the age! Perfection!


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