And after five centuries, no one will remember

Nature eventually take its toll, as a person may contaminate the planet. It's amazing how beautiful and dignified she wins, and how accurately it is "mending" their wounds and cuts caused by people.

Nature always takes its toll. William Shakespeare

Abandoned Mill, Sorrento

Trees against the concrete, Hong Kong

Angkor, Cambodia

Abandoned urban alley in Paris

Abandoned ferris wheel

Abandoned mansion Kirgalvan, Ireland

Abandoned hotel

When the last tree is cut down, when the last river has dried and shot the last bird, only if many people realize that money can not be eaten. An old Indian proverb

Abandoned fishing town, Kamchatka, Russia

Abandoned mining town, Namibia

Forgotten Bike on Vashon Island, Washington

Zazelenevshaya Pripyat, Ukraine

Rusty korbal, age 102 years, Sydney, Australia

Grand grandiose means things are done. One nature makes a great gift. Alexander Herzen

Converted Cooler, Belgium

Old Piano Tree, California

The shopping center, which has become home to fish, Bangkok

Nature - as a magician, her eyes and the eyes need. Samuel Butler

Overgrown greenery station in Abkhazia

Car Cemetery, Belgium

The roots of the tree broke through the stone pavement


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