Where does my mother, when it becomes a grandmother

At first it seems that nothing happened. That is it, side by side. Same hair, same smile, and even sarcastic jokes - all as before. Maybe just a little bit younger: his eyes sparkle, as if twenty years. From joy, of course. Grandmother after.

She is still happy over the edge, when you come to visit her. He runs down the stairs, opens the door:
- Finally! - And let's cuddle

. And dissatisfied bites his lower lip, when you long time "does not seem noseĀ».
- And we have already bloomed cherry, beauty, among other things, directly under the window. You there with his 11th, probably, all the trees to be seen.

And she, of course, extremely important to know what you have going on. With the details.
And when you're not feeling the trick, you start to talk, how are you doing, here's the whole revealed. Now she is like the White Rabbit from "Alice", who is always somewhere in sight, but did not catch it.
- Sure sure. Well done. Well ... What lunch today? On the pumpkin has not gone allergy?
First 10-15 stories in detail are relatively painless. Well, think of it, "slid" with topics about the child is now more urgent, he went to the clinic, his teeth are growing, he sleeps in the arms of a cat.

But at some point it becomes clear that your time has come. Never. All your stories about career achievements and soon the conquest of the world and did not stand next to the first tooth and hikes on the pot. It used every event is seen through a microscope from all sides poured vyznavalis tips and details.
Now you can safely bet that the answer to the most important news of the scattered sound:
- Oh, well done. And what about your teeth, Klychkov already appeared, sleep well?
Poor Mom. Poor sleep, even teeth twice already increased, but instead Klychkov - crown. Poor sleep, because my mother, who used to dive into my business as deep as the ocean Cousteau, is now completely not interested in them.

< Critical moment! You can not miss it. While the White Rabbit always running away from your cartoon, you have a chance to get it back. Though not for long.
However, it is necessary to try very much. Choose from a handful of your liquid joint evenings appropriate. Such as the house all here, the weather tolerable and not spilling anything on top.
It is necessary to take the mother's hand and lure out into the street. It will balk, instead of offering themselves as "grandfather" (this is the one that your dad), or to sit in the garden with the whole family, "we're so rarely see each otherĀ».

< Do not settle, be steadfast, < /, even if you are by nature hard, like mashed potatoes. Promise intriguing stories about family life, requiring mandatory parent intervention. Squeeze your teeth and shooting eyes in the direction of her husband, whispering:
- We need to talk ...

In short, show resourcefulness. < Home -. to get away together And there, on the street, take my mother's hand and lead the very same way, yours. A rusty rails, past the lively square with funny monuments and tiny shops along the quiet inconspicuous museum, lurking in the bushes of wild rose, and the old two-story school. And when the edges of your road runs out at home, and in the distance seem noisy highway, slow down and start on the most important. Mom remembers everything. To remember how many years ago you walked here with her and dreamed of every sort of. And most importantly, remember that it is here quite seriously said:
- Try, do not be afraid. If my mother said, "will", hence get. Mom never wrong.

Now hug and say that she is the best. She, too, by the way, all this is not enough. After all, not only it ran away from you in the grandmother. Her little daughter even now his wife and mother. And it happens so seldom spare time ...

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