Anyone who knows how to open up to others, does not know loneliness.

How many people complain about loneliness! Around them is always someone there, but they still feel lonely. In fact, they are isolated from others of their own behavior: they can not open, they do not know how to love, they can not say a few words of encouragement or comforting, they can not give; they are always waiting for the other to come to them. But they are often very busy, they have their own concerns, their worries ...
So, we only hear the complaint: "No one comes to see me, nobody loves me, nobody is interested in me." And why is it always the other should you be interested, to love you? If you suffer from loneliness, do not stay passive. Instead of sitting in a corner, doing samoedstvom all the time waiting for the attention of others, love others, do yourself a first step, go to them.
There is no reason to feel lonely when there is in the world of love and light. If you feel lonely, then you are estranged from love and light.

How many times have I told you strongly, so that you emerged from your self-centeredness and do something for others. Obviously, often in your egocentrism guilty received training. Parents tell their children: "Do not be so stupid, do not do always the first step forward, let others come to you." Of course, others will come to you if you are useful to them. If you are a baker, then you will definitely come to buy bread. We must be able to give something to you to go. If you have nothing to give to people you do not attract them, and be alone. And do not blame others, they do not go to you.
Be pleasant to the right people, and you'll see what will come to you! Look at the flowers of the rose, it is fragrant, all drawn to it - and the bees, and butterflies; everyone wants to breathe in the scent of her, and that's because it opened. Why do you remain closed and "fragrant"?


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