Woman - The Goddess can be harmoniously 4 status of women.

Woman - The Goddess can be harmoniously 4 condition of the woman (hostess, Queen, Girl, Mistress), with their show at the right time and right place. This is the wisdom of every woman to know how to show themselves in different situations.
This woman does anyone have effect in a state of love and light, and if it is something cooking, so it's just a manifestation of her feelings. Also comfort in the house and all relationships it builds on this concept of self-manifestation.
She lives in harmony with himself and the world. A female goddess can not always be only the Queen, who all worship, it's like - that one-sided, and only one manifestation of the condition of the woman.
Sometimes you want to be a small and defenseless girl and know that your man will protect you from all adversity, sometimes you want to make a night of love and become the best lover, and even sometimes want to make your home cozy and comfortable, so that your beloved home and wanted to know that it is waiting for a lovely woman and she take care of him (to feed, to understand and accept this, as it is).
I think this wisdom of this femininity. This approach does not need to fight for their rights, simply radiate love and light and everything will be, as you want - the universe will give it to you, and whose hands it will be done is not important.


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