Fell in love six years, children were married 18 years later

Wang Zi-Heng met his sweetheart, when he was only six years old. As soon as he saw her, he said to his mother that he was going to marry her, and, oddly enough, kept his word.
While most people with age forget about their children's impulses, Wang has never forgotten his oath. It took him 18 years to ensure that fulfill their obeschanie.Kogda Wan was six, he lived with his parents in the city of Zhengzhou in Henan Province of China. At that time, he met a pretty girl, and a contemporary of instantly in love with her. He even told his mother in all seriousness, that I met the woman of his mechty.Van and his lover went to a kindergarten, played together every day and soon became inseparable. Parents found the passion of a young couple so sweet and funny that they decided to play along im.

Dressing children in wedding dresses, they photographed them on the old wooden bridge, often becomes a place of wedding photo shoots. Shortly after the picture was taken, Wan with his parents had to leave town to another area and the relationship with his beloved was poteryana.Vlyubivshiesya six years later, the children were married 18 years and for many years Wang never forgot the girl he loved as a child . He wanted to find her, but had no information about it. "I did not even know her full name. I called her Ksiksi that was a nickname - he said. - I never forgot it and when he became older, recovered in Zhengzhou, but she had already moved, and learn more about her and her family had no way ".But seems Wan and Ksiksi really was destined to become husband and wife. By a strange coincidence, Van's parents happened upon one of the relatives of the girl. Wang overwhelmed with emotion when he learned that he is finally able to contact his lover snova.

"I got her address and then called her and arranged to meet - he explained. - I was not even sure if she remembers me, but when we met, old feelings rekindled. We started dating, and then decided that we really does a wedding ".In the wedding day and Wang Xiang Chun returned to the old bridge and make another photo - this time as part of this wedding photo shoot.

Source: fedpost.ru/lydi/46074-vlyubivshiesya-v-shest-let-deti-sygrali-svadbu-spustya-18.html


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