Pure men and women talkative

The male brain 10 percent more and 11 percent heavier than the female brain.

Men have a higher pain threshold than women (except for the time when women give birth during which they get a bunch of pleasant endorphins and other chemicals to help them cope with the pain).

Men have lower rates of anxiety and depression than women.

Men are much more likely to die from suicide, despite the fact that more women attempt suicide.

Women spend an average of two years of his life looking at yourself in the mirror, men spend only six months.

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Women spend more than four years of his life in the critical days.

According to statistics, 70 percent of men take a shower daily, while doing the same 57 per cent of women.

According to the extreme male brain theory of autism is an extreme degree of masculinity because of the predominance of systematization of experiences. Psychosis is an extreme degree of femininity, thanks to the dominance of the opposite. Both of these disorders are bad, but only autism gave us the theory of relativity, bittorrent and Works of Mozart.

In women twice bacteria on their hands than men.

Women talk about 7000 words a day, while men say all 2000.

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