Korean 3d-printer 3Dison. Print plastic, metal, chocolate, and then laser engrave

- A young man, and what do you do?
- I am a 3d-printer journalist.
- And there is such?
- From this point there. I am the first. Blockquote> Recently Koreans proanonsirovat 3d-printer with incredible features, namely accuracy of 25 microns, 50 printing materials (plastic, nylon, bronze, chocolate, silver, ceramics, wood, etc.), printing at a speed of 1000 mm second, laser engraver.

The first printer arrived from Vladivostok to Moscow Air delivery and I was able to make some pictures appearance. Potestit speed and different materials did not. I hope that in the next review, I will give a report on the printing speed and how happens print different materials in my hands, not Korean.

Under the cut first review models Multi, Pro and H700, as well as a little video about the metal seal and chocolate

This is the usual plastic

H700 impressive size (area of ​​building 290h205h700)

Top view:

Two reels of plastic (reminds tape from the reel)

Minimalist menu

An interesting feature - the printer does not bottom:

The printer is controlled by the original software

Platform for printing (heated)

Portfolio, cat, doimik, shoes. Why would it?

The largest engine, which I have seen a "desktop" printers:

Printhead with two extruders:

Laser Engraver:

Nozzle for printing metallic paste (which consists of a metal powder mixed with water and different binders elements)

Printing metal:

After completion of the 3D printing printed sample must go through the process of drying and firing, as the metal paste will still be in a state of clay:

Wi-Fi Camera:

All features near:

Summary table with the characteristics of different models:

Presentation in English:

The first models were very similar to the well Replicator:

Printing chocolate:

Print samples:

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/neuronspace/blog/234521/


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