There are 7 stages of family relations:

1. Chocolate zephyr-phase or "chemistry of love" (lasts about 18 months).

When a man and woman meet and fall in love, they have the body produces certain hormones, called endorphins, which are stained with the world in bright colors. At this point, the voice seems unparalleled, any stupidity seems amazing. A man is in a state of narcotic intoxication. During this period should not take any decisions. Since the effect of this drug once over and everything will come to normal.

2. The next phase, which is sure to occur after the first, when the senses are pacified, is the phase of satiety.

3. The third phase is called aversion.

It is obligatory for any long-term relationship. At the beginning phase of revulsion quarrel as if you were given a magnifying glass, and you concentrate on the shortcomings that exist in the partner. The easiest and the worst out of this - a divorce. What is wrong? This is something that you will again enter into a zephyr-chocolate phase with another partner. There are people who just rotate on the three phases. In the Vedas, these phases are considered to be below the level of civilized man, as in a real relationship you have not entered.
4. The next phase is patience.

Quarrels between the partners are continuing, but they are not as fatal as the nature of the prior period, as both know that when the quarrel is over, relationships will be restored again. If we make efforts towards the development of patience, we rewarded the development of the mind. That is the law of nature. So, in this phase we are given reason.
5. The fifth phase - the phase of the debt, or respect - is the first stage of love.

Before this love was not. I'm beginning to think not what he owes me, and what I told him to be. Focusing on their responsibilities develops us.

6. The sixth stage - a friendship. Friendship is a serious preparation for love.

7. The seventh phase - this is love.

Love is not a cheap thing. To it go forever. Love trained through a variety of life situations, and in the long-term, intimate relationships. Love - it's not something that suddenly falls to us on the head, for the love we zreem, abandoning selfishness within himself.
The Vedas say that a person has to be happy. And any unfortunate person resettled from the village because it was considered the aggressor, disturbing the happiness of others. And if we are unhappy, seeking love, what we find in the end? 2 accidents can not immature human create a happy family, and even to raise happy children. Get happy - our first duty, for which we are responsible, and no one else.


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