Your body - it's not you, but the body - your friend.

Your body - it's not you, but the body - your friend. That it is your home and loyal assistant, if you keep it in the proper form. If not this body, you would not be able to perform your tasks, move, interact with others. Beauty and health of your body - is an important factor, as you are more open to the world's roads if you are attractive, good-looking, well-groomed, healthy, with a clean breath, with the scent of a healthy body, clean, tidy, with a pleasant voice and soft gestures (for women), confident (for men). On the other hand, you have a little one hears and wants to deal with you if all is different.
It is important to know how to properly care for your friend-body, what to feed him when he was laid to sleep better, to know his biorhythms, his preferences and the nature of its strengths and weaknesses, what would it really was your indispensable assistant, not a burden. < br />
For the body does not need to be bound to follow the "cult of the body" but we should not ignore it.

Do you want to know yourself, but sometimes almost know nothing of what you have right here, palpable and tangible - your body, which makes constant attempts to communicate with you by sending their signals, you largely have not yet learned to read.
As long as you're young - you ignore a lot, but I think for you will not be a secret that over time there will be no better than what you are now laying in a relationship with your body will respond to you in the future as a hundredfold.


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