Brown - Chocolate Cake

Brownie - chocolate cake characteristic brown color to the traditional American cuisine. Depending upon the recipe, can have the consistency of the cake, cookie or cake. Cut flat rectangular pieces.


 - Flour, 2/3 cup
 - Semolina, 1/3 cup
 - Cocoa (or carob), 3-4 tablespoons
 - Salt, 1/3 tsp
 - Soda, 1 tsp
 - Starch, 2 teaspoons
 - Sugar, 1/2 cup (or less)
 - Applesauce, sugar, 100 g
 - Apple / rice vinegar (optional) 1 tablespoon
 - Water, 1/2 cup

How to cook?

1.Smeshat dry ingredients, add applesauce.
2. Next, add water, and at the end of vinegar and mix well.
3. Form lubricate stretch. oil, but it is better to lay parchment (cut a circle or a rectangle, depending on the form).
4. Bake at 180 degrees about 30 minutes. remove the brownies from the mold and let cool completely.
5. Cut into square pieces.

* For a festive version of a brownie dough, you can add pistachios or walnuts, and ready to cover the cake with chocolate cream (can be done by mixing kerob with condensed milk and butter-soft).

You can lightly grease jam / syrup and sprinkle with colored dusting, or decorate with whipped cream, custard or fluff. Solely on your imagination :)
Bon Appetite!


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