American daily is sick dog to the lake, so he slept

American every evening wears his 19-year-old dog to the lake to give him a few hours of sleep .. Otherwise dog Shep can not sleep, because he chronic arthritis. Joints hurt so much that the animal barely dragging his hind legs. To relieve animal suffering, veterinarians offered to make the dog a lethal injection. The owner was not able to do so with your pet Shep, who once saved him from suicide. And now, to relieve the pain four-legged friend, he for several hours on the hands is it in the lake - the only way a dog can sleep.

"As for me, this dog? Words do not convey. When you give love, it comes back to you tenfold. I want people to think about it, looking at these pictures, "- said the owner of the dog John Unger.

ps That's all fine and sentimental, and the story is written in the best genre. Reader to cry and Like adding itself to the wall, for the edification of friends that's it so you need to act with "friends." Learn to say, "bad people." But the main thing as always is that behind the scenes. "Eats whether this respectable American hot dogs and burgers?". Are we ready to cry too, when we take out of the fridge the next "Doctor's" made of no less cute animals than the dog who saved once the master of life?! ..

Let us learn to love or even respect -by really all life, not playing the scenes public & quot; love & quot ;. Love is real, this is when you love all living things, not just the one who once scratched your back. Let's form a proper understanding of the society of love, not a cinematic love the American way, but real, real -Start with a basic respect for the right to life of another.


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