If the heat

As you know, we can not please everyone: it is too hot or too cold. And when the summer heat has established this, deal with it is extremely difficult, but possible. Effective ways of escape from the summer heat in the know suggest continuation of the post. Checked - works;)

Cool the skin. Cool water not only strengthens the skin, but also pleasantly refreshing in the heat. Ideal - take a shower (by the way, many of these goals are selected city fountains) ...

... Or hold hands in the water. Doing it desirable once an hour for a few minutes.

Some doctors advise cool and legs, but not for long - 5 minutes is enough, otherwise you can easily catch a cold.

You also need to drink plenty of cool water (2-3 liters a day), with coffee, juice, fruit drinks and other sugary drinks to consume is not necessary.

If you are at home, go barefoot. Yes, and do not forget to drink water.

Wear light-colored clothing made of natural materials: linen or cotton.

Headdress, incidentally, also be superfluous, especially owners of dark hair.

Women of note: about jewelry and cosmetics at the best time to forget. If this is not possible, try not to use means for fine oily basis - they clog the skin and will not let her breathe - and you at the same time.

As for jewelry, any metal has excellent thermal conductivity, therefore, being heated by the sun, they will transmit the heat and you. And you need it?

"Hot tea - what you need" - this will tell you the inhabitants of warm countries. Oddly enough, it was a warm drink will cool your body due to the stimulation of sweating.

Use a thermal water for cooling and nourish the skin - thanks mikroraspyleniyu your skin is filled with moisture and freshness, which is lacking in the heat. Wiping the face wipes - also an option.

Spices - a great weapon against the heat. No wonder the East they know the price. They stimulate sweating, but do not increase the body temperature. And due to the fact that the liquid evaporates from the body, you will become fresh. Ingeniously same!

In the East, came up with the help of cool sherbet. It exists in two forms: frozen juice - it was invented in Persia, in order not to reduce performance of their soldiers ...

... And a drink (a sort of Morse) - it came up with the Turks. By the way, the usual ice cream on a hot day is better not to eat.



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