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Final FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup in 2013 in Sochi, Roza Khutor, Russia.

Olya Ruskin, o.Mavriky. - One of my favorite shots. It is unclear whether it is water, or an avalanche or a giant wave, and maybe a glacier covered with snow.

Still, the winner of the photo contest The Best of Russian in 2014 in the category "People". Artem Sheldovitsky resort Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana.

Vasili Borisenko, park under the bridge subway under m. Sparrow Hills, Moscow, Russia.

Sergei Zyuzyuk, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia.

- Recently Olya Ruskin became the first woman from Russia, which came into the world team Red Bull. In this regard it was made by a series of frames with driving on windsurfing in South Africa, in Cape Town.

Grigory Kozhevnikov down from the house in Sheregesh.

Alexander Belevsky Shows Adrenaline FMX Rus.

Olya Ruskin, o.Mavriky. - A couple of times in the sky for us there is a rainbow, and the roar of the collapsing wave was coming through the headphones and the noise from the helicopter blades.

Matthew Krepela and his coach during the first attempts to double cork. Laax, Switzerland. - At the bottom of the clouds - a reflection of the sun, which is higher. Due to the fact that the bottom of the snow guns are working, and the top is too cold, the entire moisture remains on the same level, which is obtained by mirror reflecting the sun.

Kohl Piotrovsky, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. - A small mound on top of the resort "Mountain Carousel" has given us the opportunity to shoot a dozen photos of beautiful snow without difficulty and danger. I still can not remove something like that, or to understand how this picture came out. Probably, the same snow conditions, which is in Alaska, in Whistler (Canada) and in Krasnaya Polyana can result in such an air shot.

Dombay, Karachay-Cherkessia, Russia. - One of the most promising and my favorite riders, step Artemyev from Novokuznetsk. At the bottom of the two girls and Eugene Goldman.

- This picture we took on about. Mauritius. In the photo, one of the best girls in the extreme sport, Olga Ruskin, pronyrivaet big wave. Shoot it in the ocean scarier than surf there ...

X-Fighters 2010 in Cairo, Egypt. - An elderly photographer saw this picture loudly and confidently said, "Sunset at the pyramids do not exist! Photoshop! »

- One of my favorite shots, drop unreal Clearance Andrew Moskvina. Hence it is not visible, but Andrew went 15-20 meters forward and landed perfectly in the already melted snow; masterpiece in my opinion the jump! Forests in the Rose Farm and, in general, on the territory of Krasnaya Polyana just fabulous!

- With the filming of «Made in Ocean». On the island of Mauritius came a violent storm, which was accompanied by giant waves and gale-force wind. Waves up to 12 meters in height, while the depth of the reef was a little more than semi- meters. This place is famous because here come some of the fastest waves on the planet, and their speed exceeds 60 km / h

Jump rope with a picturesque bridge, Moscow, Russia.

Andrei Moskvin, Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana, Russia. - When all the competitions of the World Cup over, I decided to stay another week because of the tough outlook, and we were shooting with Andrei Moskvin and Artem Sheldovitskim skiing off-piste. Moreover, we managed to get thousands of permits and stay the night on the mountain. I do not know how I was forced to take a more and flash, but in the end came out very cool shots of night skiing, during which Andrew went down the board and disappeared into the darkness. Well, that morning he was able to find it - at 200 meters below she caught on a tree.

- Rosa Khutor is highly regarded among the world's freeride. On Ober Farm is easily accessible from the top lift station "Caucasian Express." However, an area of ​​increased danger and is only available for professionals with specialized skills.

Olya Ruskin, Cape Town, South Africa.

- Maxim Anufrikov in the rays of dawn in the resort of Rosa Khutor. That shooting day we've been waiting two years too many conditions must coincide: the fresh snow, no avalanche danger, the weather is good, athlete, photographer ... put it all together is very difficult, but nevertheless, we've got to do this when the resort was closed for visitors from the World Cup. It gave us a chance to find a completely clean with no trace of slopes and spend a survey.

Alexander Osokin, Nizhny Novgorod. - I saw this spot, when he went to pick up riders. Frankly, I just liked the place and decided to show it to the guys. Alexander Osokin immediately realized that he could jump from the top flight. We quickly changed plans and went to build a drop on the stairs. It was necessary to build a lot, but just last snowfall contributed to this. Sasha was the opening and immediately made a great trick. In this spot the main thing to calculate and hit it with a touchdown.

- Remove windsurfing and remove it from the water with a temperature of 10 degrees - it is very cold and very cool. In Cape Town, always cold water, but this place is still one of the most popular for windsurfing because of the kilometer-long beaches and beautiful waves. Generally, in Cape Town it is certainly worth a visit.

Leap from the Ostankino Tower, Moscow, Russia.



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