It is alien landscapes! 8 seats, the type of which is breathtaking.

In the world there are many places, looking at a photo which is impossible to believe that such views do exist. It is much easier to assume that these pictures were taken on Mars or moved from any film in the fantasy genre. However, all these magnificent natural phenomena really exist, although not everyone is aware of their existence.

Ice Cave Eisriesenwelt
If the castle of the Snow Queen existed in reality, it certainly would have been in a cave Eisriesenwelt. This is the largest ice cave in the world. The total length of its corridors is more than 40 kilometers and a depth of over 400 meters. Eisriesenwelt is located in the Austrian Alps, and annually hosts hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world. Tours are conducted from 1 May to 26 October, and winter, the entrance to the cave is closed because of the danger of avalanches.

Structure Richat ("Eye of the Sahara»)
In Mauritania there is a mysterious geological formation round shape - structure Richat. The diameter of the "Eye of the Sahara" is about 50 kilometers, so it is perfectly visible from space, and for a long time the astronauts used it as a guide. The origin of this natural wonder is still not completely solved. At first thought that Richat - the place of a meteorite. Now, most scientists tend to believe that "Eye of the Sahara" is the result of the erosion process.

Shilin (Stone Forest)
These are located in the concrete jungle of the southern provinces of China. Karst formations seem petrified trunks of giant trees, among which you can easily get lost. No wonder it is a wonderful place called Shilin, which is translated from Chinese means "stone forest". The area of ​​this stone thicket of 350 square kilometers, which is comparable in size to Malta.

Bloody Pond
Japan is famous for its hot springs. And the most famous of them - Bloody Pond near the city of Beppu. His name is obliged lake high iron content, which is why the water in it appears red. Clouds of steam over the source of give it a mysterious charm, attracting a lot of fans here unusual landscapes.

Vale da Lua (Moon Valley)
Absolutely heavenly landscape is located in the Brazilian state of Goias. Vale da Lua, which means "Valley of the Moon" will enchant its visitors with stone craters bizarre. If a good look, the rock can be found fossils of ancient plants and animals. In combination with dense tropical forest that borders the stone splendor of it all, the valley resembles a landscape from another planet.

And this alien landscape in the Northwest Territories of Canada is the result of human activity. Giant diamond mines are located on flat islands and go deep into the well below the water level. You can get there either by air (near the quarry is equipped airport), or in the winter on the frozen surface of the lake.

McMurdo Dry Valleys
The driest place in the world, strangely enough, is in Antarctica. There are blowing katabatic winds that reach speeds of 320 kilometers per hour and cause evaporation of moisture. Due to this surface is free of ice and snow for several million years! The climate in the dry valleys of McMurdo is so close to the natural conditions of Mars that NASA spends test spacecraft.

Socotra Island
This botanical paradise is located on the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. There grows a few hundred completely unique plants. Looking for a fancy local flora simply can not believe you got into a fairyland!

The nature of the land and bizarre multifaceted. It is only necessary to know where you can see such beauty. If your friends are also interested in unusual corners of our planet, it is sure to surprise them with these incredible pictures, sharing with them this record.

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