As I bake rye bread

I want to tell you how I bake rye bread. I would confuse it for a long time, remembering those early childhood years, when my grandmother was baking amazing rye bread in the Russian oven. And in the morning I could not wait when it will be possible to cut off a fragrant crispy crust, spread it with sunflower oil with salt and sprinkle with sugar to the contrary.

Because in our stores good rye bread in the afternoon with fire you will not find (well, except that in the alphabet of 460 p for buhanochku) decided to do a search for "easy" recipe - that is not too complex and at the same time the bread was possible to taste like a "one best ».
To the question "zachemetozdes" I can say that this kind also rukozhopstvo, secondly can someone wants to repeat and then need some nuances which in the recipes are not always written. And just who is interested. And clearly positive.

50 photo.

1. So there you go. First, the description of bread will do in Opara, ie without yeast. As our grandmothers, because at that distant time the yeast went on a bit of a different product - liquid)) were by and large in short supply. And baked on sourdough rye bread that was made from yeast, which is usually stored in enameled bucket on the porch, enclosed cloth pahshee let's say not very. (In the house that Jack built)) I certainly do not in the sponge because of the economy, a much more useful this bread and taste it better (IMHO). Preparation time a little more than a day (but do not fear - basically it goes to all sorts of rise - proofing).

2. Start. Leaven from the refrigerator. On the question of where to take it, I will answer, or buy it as I do, or do it yourself (term cooking about 7 days). Nothing complicated. How to do it can be found in the internet. Know yourself and feed poi and grow itself)).

So, we get, look, leaven "asleep." It is necessary to "wake up" as usual wake - eat properly -day).

We throw to another spoonful of rye flour, sypem spoon (tablespoon) of sugar, pour some water at room temperature so that after stirring turned the consistency of liquid sour cream.


All we interfere with a wooden stick (I took the baton from land) .Udobno. And, I forgot. Since the whole process takes more than a day, then immediately I am going to say I distributed this time for yourself, because work has not been canceled)). Cultures from the refrigerator the day before baking gat evening hours 9-10 pm.
Here after prevented.

Leaven has sensed that gave eat and have come to some movement. But it is out of the fridge, so it is necessary also to keep warm. Well, nothing, per night warm up. Cover it with gauze and is set aside.

Next. In the evening, it is desirable to make another preparation, because in the morning I scrap it for a long time to measure and pour. We get our bread maker (I Panas). Why do I use the bread machine and why Panas say later.

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The fighter is preparing to embark on a guard.

Suppose further that capacity. Rye wheat dough tightly. There is just more evident that even a blade bent from their labors, and bread machine with a weak engine in general can burn or break gear. This is the first reason for my choice Panas. He has a program for baking rye bread, but I do not use it. For my recipe, it does not fit.

Here are

So, after we fed sourdough bread machine in the container in the morning preparing for filling sponge (so do not mess around in the morning). One glass of rye flour, one cup of flour

I do not glasses full, and on risochke about, otherwise the test will be a lot and it will be hard to interfere with.

Two teaspoons of salt, sugar spoon.

Salt fine plain, sugar cane taking the type of brown, but can be any. Pianos do not play))

That's the backfilling work. The liquid does not pour back.

Closed breadmaker, pushed aside. Now one of the main ingredients - malt. It is he who gives rye taste and smell of rye bread. Here nyuansik - I enjoyed this

If for some reason you do not find at all malt (they are from different manufacturers), then at the very least go and kvass wort (which is sold for cooking kvass) The result is almost the same. True if leavened wort sucks (you can run into a solid chemistry), the taste of the bread may be affected. So sypem 2-3 tablespoons malt throw a spoonful of sugar, pour a small amount of boiling water (read that there begins the fermentation process a). Well, God bless him, let him start. And we are all the same stick stir until thick liquid cream

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Stir Put aside, closing than anything to the cat of her hair to not natryas).

malt with boiling water and sugar. The smell of bread.

Well, all the process of preparation did. Go to sleep. Sleep on it. More scribbling than actually did.

We get up, to work today, so much time in the morning there, but we were prepared yesterday. Moves leaven.
We see that it is warmed up for the night, I ate and grew in volume. By the time she needed 6-8 hours, there will be nothing, and 9))). Odour characteristic, reminiscent of the mash.

Slightly prevent it and start to pour the liquid into a container bread machine. Half cup ferment, 2 cups of water at room temperature and malt, which is procured from the evening here even nyuansik. As malt also have water, then just take a smaller water 2 cups. Won in the photo.

No flash. Photographed in the ladle))

Turn on the program batch. Bread maker prevents all this for about 15 minutes (One of the reasons why I use it) hands are clean.
This is our Opara. With the outbreak

Everything. Knead. Unplug (away from sin) Close the lid. Arrange the time. Take a shower, have breakfast, get dressed and go to work
By the time also need to brew 6-8 or 9 hours. So the time is perfect fit into the recipe. Or vice versa recipe in time).

We come home from work. And what we see.
That such a process burbulizatsii. If you listen you can hear how Opara hisses and crackling noise. Well, the last stage. The most responsible.

Sypem brew in a glass of rye, a glass of wheat flour. Supplements if you want. I wanted this time ala Riga therefore added cumin.

Experiment with additives themselves

And another additive. Perhaps you can do without it, but I do not probyval. Agram - is acidifying agent, gives a characteristic sour rye bread - 2 tsp. Or, you can substitute 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar. (Or citric acid), but then with the amount of experiment.

Who likes bread with sour place, who does not like it - do not put in short.
Everything. Includes programs kneading for 15 minutes. I program ravioli or pizza. Here begins the most gimor in terms of density test. Rye dough is very sensitive to the amount of water in it. If it is too thin, then you are guaranteed a baking "failure" cover the bread. With the hole in the middle. There can be bread, but the form it will brrrr. Strangers in town short.

So get in the way, take one cup of rye flour and begin to pour it on the spoon inside. The dough begins to thicken. In the process of kneading dough interfere help the stove spoon lightly moistened with sunflower oil, because the thicker the dough on the sides of the mold is not involved in the flour "process". Podpihivaem it to the center, "dodging" from the rotating blades. And often the dough sticks to one side of the form and rubs it in idle, shoved his spoon in the other direction.

So, a little flour. But if you shift the flour, the dough becomes too steep, and the lid will turn out, but the bread Wake up will be low (small), in short a brick brick. Kill this is possible))). Add more flour. In principle, this is a recipe that I write, cups flour dosypku should be enough (plus or minus a spoon flour)

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Now that's closer to the subject. Koloboks rye dough will not work as the wheat, so here's how it should be. While almost mingled like bun, cease to interfere - begins gently to spread the form.

And yes, even add another spoonful of sunflower oil. Since this is also a liquid. Bedding correcting density test.

Everything. Knead the dough ... If you stuck to the edge, gently spoon it from there move aside to the center.

Close the cover of the oven and set the timer for 55 minutes. Can hour.

We go to do their business. Stove pulled out of the socket. Under the cover is extremely not advise to look as if not wanted. It began the process of rise. And she raised the temperature to 32-33 degrees somewhere. (Without electricity))). Open the lid - dough can fall in and never get up. But for YAP, I still photographed the process

Somewhere in the 50 minute. The dough should rise by about half. For over an hour, hour and 5 minutes to hold no meaning, it can not rise above, but can easily fall in.
Therefore, as the bell timer, turn on the oven, select the mode of baking and put 1 hour 30 minutes

It is the maximum for Panas. So even the stove is convenient because in the hands of just shoving the dough, rye dough is very sticky, and sometimes regret that you have only two hands.
Well, that's coming to an end epic. Meanwhile, the smell in the apartment about an hour of baking spreads magnificent. Half an hour later we turn off the oven and open the lid.

Oppa, normal cover, then with water guessed)). Immediately take out of shape, do not keep it, and then dampen.

Just do not eat))) Bread is necessary to stand for two hours under a towel. There is also a process that begins (or ends) does not matter.

And at 10 o'clock in the evening cut off the first crust. Smell the aroma incredible color.


A couple of photos and a few words. While playing with the addition of this recipe, you can make different bread, I did Borodino, then it is necessary to increase the malt three times and put coriander. It is possible in this time of Riga with cumin. With onion Onion can. If, instead of rye flour only use wheat malt and not to put, you get a loaf of wheat. Here's a photo (only then kneaded into the bread maker, and baked in the oven.)

The oven is good because it is a beautiful upper crust, where it can be done darker as you need. The bread maker will not succeed. Instead, I use the bread machine Kneading sometimes. Also it turns out well, with only his hands had to climb it is necessary, when decomposed forms. The process is about the same. Temperature is set only 200 degrees and bake about 1 hour.
A couple of photos


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