The strength of the feminine nature.

Woman's desire can either hurt or help can flourish. Such is the power of feminine nature. Force, which has a woman can be for her great wealth, but it can also be her greatest curse.

What is the difference between the woman who inspires, and the one that kills? The difference in mood that she voluntarily accepts.

It can play the role of a courageous leader, and can take the role of the humble followers of men.

If you look at a woman who truly has feminine traits, we see a very beautiful creature that is constantly in bloom. No wonder the woman is often compared to a flower. Exupéry in The Little Prince, describes the feminine nature as a rose. Rose, which is beautiful and smells good. And each rose, no matter how many thorns and needles, she did not have, need protection. Moreover, flower dependent in nature. The dependence of the defense, in a relationship of attention. It is the nature of women. Nature woman inside, which demands the protection. Therefore, in many cultures of different peoples says that woman - homemaker. Her husband gives himself more outside the family, helping the family and protect the family from the outside.

A man who truly has masculine qualities of character, has an external nature. Become truly happy for men is possible only having achieved the highest goal. His task - external. At the same time, it is immeasurably important. The problem of family men - bring the whole family to the ultimate goal of life.

Man sees. He knows where to go and where. Women find it difficult to understand the external purposes. But she knows how to go: just enough to everything to be nice to everyone was warm, so no one was sick, everyone to be fed to all slept well. Man in all of these internal conditions is lost, because for him these things are not so important. Man important external activity. A woman - the interior.

Now people are rebelling against it. Men do not want to take responsibility for external affairs, and women can not sit at home, they want to "steer all."

If a woman is to take care of where to go - the whole family will perish. That is why they say that a woman should accept. And humble woman is not something that humiliates her dignity. Humility women - is its strength.

She realizes that the man leads her and their children for the purpose of life (unless, of course, it is), and tries in every way to help him in this. Therefore, it adapts to the man and humbly help him. It's just like riding in a car family. The man behind the wheel, the woman next door, the children behind. And the atmosphere in the car asks the woman. She sees to it that all were satisfied. It does not suit scandals husband, she is near. And that it helps the whole family develop and progress ...


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