Strange people

Now in the emergency room situation is as follows;
From the office on one leg vyprigivaet girl of 12, she was led plaster cast (yes, only in Russia you jump to dressing instead of going to a wheelchair), in the corridor to the doctor catch a woman and a man with questions, they say, how is she? Seriously? No? The nurse looks at them sternly. Further dialogue:
 - Parents?
 - No, we ...
 - No, we just brought ...
-Yeah, By car, then shot down a child ?!
Here the woman ends patience, and she exclaims: "Oh, no! We just saw how the child fell from the bike, and brought her here! »
Nurse still harsher looks at her and gives: "Strange you ..." and goes plaster cast.

Be weird. Now it is called that way.
© vosmoyangel


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