The story of "blonde"

I have a girlfriend. Being unearthly charm, the motto in life has "make nice!" In marriage she married a poor styudenta that is non-trivial. However, highly experienced styudenta dad, who knows where it is necessary and who should be, gave him a career Pendel that asshole in three years after graduation on their own savings and funny kreditets four hundred thousand bought a two-bedroom apartment in a luxury house. But they divorced a few years later.
The husband survived it all: beauty salons and spas, boutiques and designer shoes, dismissal on the grounds of "I'll be there roach for a penny! 'Reluctance to have children under 40 (as S. D. Parker of" Sex and the City ") , cooking without salt in a double boiler ("Look how beautiful and useful!").
He even sdyuzhil surprise to its thirtieth anniversary: ​​a loving husband during the stay at work by the celebrant servant. forces thrown out of his office all the furniture (including Solid desk "with different stuff" in the form of business papers), and traded in a computer professional. shop on "cute laptop" for a small fee. When the husband saw in the office, two rattan chairs and a tiny coffee table surrounded by tropical foliage and a laptop ... ...
Papers found in the garbage. Freight three thousand a discreet birthday hohotok taken to a landfill. The table had already stolen, but the papers from boxes shaken out, and after an hour searching for the most part slightly rumpled and smelly documents were collected. The computer store experienced sellers prudently did not touch the resulting complex and moderate bonus thrown off lucky all the information on the two stick, which he stuffed into the stomach, and so drove home, holding both hands. He broke the poor guy to find in the most secluded and dark closet at home instead of Bolotnikov, slicker, steep spinning, lovingly assembled a set of gear, marching backpack and two-liter thermos ... little white rubber boots of the famous designer, elegant bamboo rod and wicker basket with a set of utensils for a picnic.



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