In the US, a woman married to a robot

American Bonnie Burton, a big fan of "Star Wars", tied the knot with a doll depicting the robot R2-D2. The ceremony took place at the festival Star Wars Celebration. It is reported that blessed young man in a suit of Darth Maul, and acted as best man "Darth Vader." Of course, null and void, this clown has no marriage. Curious record that the bride left in the blog dedicated to the "Star Wars." Read inside ...

"Sometimes a girl has to follow his heart, no matter what it may bring. My heart is broken very often, because the guys with whom I have met, have never been able to understand the behavior of the girl-fans ... In humans, there is nothing wrong, I just find them boring ".

When you, for example, need a screwdriver, they never have this screwdriver handy. They are not interested in hearing how was your day. They're always somewhere to disappear. They refuse to go with you to the disco. They can not stand to transmit complex messages to other people, when you ask them about it. They are very unsure of himself; never know what they want and how they express their true feelings ".

"Look, guys, for R2-D2, and be ashamed! He has a bunch of advantages to you. Firstly, an integrated GPS-navigator - he never lost. Second, he loves to dance. And in the end, he has more gadgets than James Bond! "


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