3D-printer Micro and costs $ 299 more gathered on Kickstarter 2 million dollars for a few days

The creators call your printer "first true consumer 3D-printer." It comes in a finished form - do not need to collect, configure, calibrate. The printer weighs just 1 kg and is a cube with a side of 185 mm. The combination of simplicity, cheapness and compactness was so successful that the campaign reached the original goal of 50 000 dollars in just 11 minutes. 3D-принтер Micro became one of the fastest growing projects on Kickstarter in its history - he was able to collect a million dollars за 25 hours .

Micro prints in ABS and PLA, can print nylon and other materials. The thickness of one layer is regulated in the range from 50 to 350 microns. Working area corresponds approximately to the cube of side 100 mm. Software runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. According to the creators, their printer is not only the most convenient and cheap, but also very quiet and economical on the market. The printhead has a miniature ceramic heater annular shape, which consumes much less energy than usual. Coil with plastic installed at the base of the printer, under a removable platform for print and does not occupy space on the table. Start of mass deliveries scheduled for November this year.

Source: habrahabr.ru/post/219349/


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