5 most exciting events in the cosmos [translation]

I really liked it here article about an astronaut who baddest action hero. Therefore, finding the author's blog, I decided to transfer to you the other articles in this series. I> blockquote>

When the pilots test-pumped to the next level, the astronauts are obtained. And they are so severe that they can use diamonds instead of gum. We've already talked about astronauts steep, but that's what guys: in space, everything's cool. So here's something else.

# 5.Aleksey Leone and no air will cost h4>
In the first place, accounting for any i> list of "most-most" need to remember about Yuri Gagarin.
Even the list of the top 10 jugglers chainsaws would begin with an explanation of the reasons for their suicidal despair - the steepest in the history of man has long defined.

After this cover «Man Of The Year» all future can be called "After Gagarin". i>

Yuri Gagarin was the first in space, but Alexei Leonov was the first to ship it out. Together with Pavel Belyayev aboard the "Voskhod 2" they flew in the most terrible and hostile place to prove that man can survive even in such an extreme environment.

Alexei Leonov hovers over the whole world. As befits such a level of peasant i>

Leonov spent 12 minutes in the open space.
Actually, the scientific objective of the experiment was: to see whether it will survive at all. While the brightness of astronautics did not even know how the suit will behave in space, not to mention the human body.
That is why the suit Leonov inflated so much oxygen, that he could not get back into the capsule. And if he was not going to remain in orbit until the end of his life (ie even an hour), he had to do something very cool.

Leonov went very simply: if it interferes with oxygen so nafig it is necessary, this oxygen. He turned the valve from the "keep the air inside" to "not to keep the air inside" (which should be the first in the list of never-do-this on the lessons in the school of cosmonauts. Immediately after the "Do not sit under rocket engines »).
Well, he thought it was not worth the bother uncles from the control center, so they are not informed about it.

Still, Leonov was able to return to the capsule, but the space seems to thoroughly crush on this tough guy, and did not want to let him go.
Besides the problems with the spacesuit, there were problems with the closing of the hatch, brake autopilot failed, the orbital module is jettisoned, and burned up in the atmosphere, and they landed hundreds of kilometers from the estimated point, right in the snowy taiga, full of bears and wolves. And still there two days stuck.
Although, truth-speaking, the only thing for which enraged the bear could come to the Leonov - to ask: what is it - be as steep macho.

Let me open your beer, Mr Leonov i>

# 4.Kosmonavty endure h4>
"World" is one of the wonderful things made by human beings. In the days when the first Zelda was being prepared, we've built a real space station. "World" for ten years has experienced a nation that created it, once again proving that space travel beyond fucking politics.

Nope, no jokes in the signature. Just look at it, until you understand how it is delicious. I>

Unfortunately, the policy has fucking change. Transport ships had docked manually, because the producing countries to low autopilots, was no longer part of Russia. The first two attempts ended in disaster, but the bottom of the idiots still clamped grandmother, and said - "God loves Trinity"! It turned out not like. And to prove this, they turned off the radar of the "World", and ordered to carry out docking with handheld rangefinders and vyglyadyvaniya the window.

Great, the milkman came straight at me, and flies two tons of metal. i>

The fact that this was followed by the players in the pool is still called the most predictable clash in history. And shout & quot; * b * r oyu mother! & Quot ;, remembering how the spacecraft rammed the space station.
Vasily Tsibliyev Alexander Lazutkin, and Mike Foul feel like it's ears, and in the space is more terrible than the piranhas feel between my legs, because in this case, at least enough air to scream.

Chasing the wind vacuum of death they had to open the envelope, and communications, are held together by the station together. When they are all the same to close the hatch, it turned out that the station is oriented incorrectly, solar panels do not work, and emergency batteries worked all the time, while the astronauts were trying to keep the remaining air inside. This means that the batteries are almost sat down. And they sat down.
And the station has died.

30 hours three people revolved around the earth in a futile tin.
They thought they would not like to die, and at the same time reorient station using engines "Union." If we could at the time to look for them, they would see as they waved paper. But it is not in dispute, as you might think, and driving away the exhaled carbon dioxide.

And they did it expand the station so that the energy from the solar panels enough to communicate with Earth. After 30 hours on the brink of life and death, they were finally able to sleep. Foale later said: "After 48 hours we were able to power the toilet. And I think it was very important, because by the time we nearly burst. »

This is not a joke. You can not just relieve themselves in a secluded place in a flying box with electronics. Mere mortals in this situation for a long time have all accumulated a monster, but three brave astronaut constrained by two days. Such are they cool, the astronauts.

# 3.Dat robot steer h4>
Robonaut - a real embodiment of science fiction, in fact, like everything else in space exploration. Always awake, Robonaut was created to serve, and know how to use the same tools and computer systems that people - the masters.

Space: it's so cool that even the White African-style i>

ISS's much technologically, than anywhere else on Earth. Literally. Even the jokes to the camera. Because apart from the ISS only Cylons (Battlestar Galactica) is used to divert the enemy robots. Unpack the new form of life arrived, the crew members Catherine Coleman and Paolo Nespoli opened cell (sorry, drawer), and found that it was empty.
(Robonaut carry a power failure, and enshrined in a sealed box. Well, at least the guys preparing for the start of the load, watch movies)

After searching the station Robonaut found.
He has joined the management of the Japanese Experiment Module.
(Probably because the "robot" and "Japanese" - words of similar meaning.)

Admittedly, the guys play as well as tree №3 (standing behind the other trees) The play at Christmas.
However, when somebody's work "to launch rocket boosters" and "to maintain the level of oxygen," you do not expect from them intonations professional comedian. And of course it's very cool - to allow the robot to capture the station when he could do so.

Imagine suddenly asks Robonaut "Hands up who oxygen?", And then open the door, watching the zhalie bags of bones fly out into space. It is likely that such memories of the "birth": Select from fastenings, hiding from people, take control of the station, and here come these little people, and we must begin to make fun of you.
Therefore, the future inevitable uprising of machines - just revenge for the difficult childhood.

# 2.Vzryv steeper than in an action movie h4>
Each astronaut - a living paradox. After all, without a doubt, the one who is ready to fly into space riding on explosives, such large eggs that their space to run problematic. But while ordinary idols are thinking about this question, the astronauts cope with it.

There is one rather paradoxical thing more dangerous than sitting on an exploding bomb - try to get away with it. Because the emergency rescue system violates the First Rule School astronauts. It turns out to be saved with a huge rocket under the ass, you need to run multiple missile directly over his head.
All of these are connected to the rocket exploding bolts (explosive bolts) (because any small part of the spacecraft cool by definition). Generally, spaceships - the exact opposite of an action movie: a series of large explosions lets make humanity more intelligent.

Test SAS Apollo. Pay attention to the special configuration of the "astronaut Grill» i>

Congestion caused by SAS up to 17g. Surviving it had Vladimir Titov and Gennady Strekalov.

The first and last time the system worked during the launch of "Soyuz T-10-1." Then I do not load only one valve, and, unfortunately, it was a valve "to keep kerosene in a rocket." The missile launch pad and lit up. But rocket fire even smarter, so the control cables SAS immediately burned. Duplicate could just run two engineers, who were sitting in different rooms, 30 kilometers from the start. And they had just in time.

# 1.Dzhon Aaron outplayed Bluff Zeus h4>
Apollo 12 - this is the most exciting thing we've ever done (part 2). But there was one minute, for which the entire mission could fail to hell. Quite an exact expression for the flight with thousands of tons of fuel and oxygen on board. It includes sinners even frying in a pan. So: one day all the screens in the MCC "floated" and alarm panel lit up like a Christmas tree self-destruct.

Listen to the report of astronaut 1:21.

Astronauts easier to list what works for them.
"Well, we're still wearing and the chair is not dangle the ship».
A NASA somehow does not like to drop bombs on civilians, and if they could not fix it, Apollo 12 would undermine. However, the future of the space program. But Flight operator John Aaron solved the problem in 59 seconds.

You may wonder why there is not written "the greatest genius of all time." And then you realize that in fact it is enough. I>

Aaron gave all one team "Switch SCE on AUX», and if this is your kind of incomprehensible garbage, then Now you feel the same as the head of the flight, communications, and the commander of Apollo 12. SCE - has no critical subsystem, and so it turned out that in the whole building one Aaron know how it works. Commander Pete Conrad's answer is quite intelligently asked: "What is this garbage?". Fortunately, astronaut Alan Bean knew what kind of garbage. Well, then you already know everything.

It later emerged that the Saturn V was struck by lightning. Twice. Yes, astronauts are so severe that not even noticed, as they repeatedly blasted by lightning! Charges have been through a missile through a stream of ionized gas from the accelerator, and grounded to the launch tower. This is how in the startup process has turned out a huge lightning rod.
Astronauts flying to the gods riding on a giant middle finger of metal and plasma, and when Zeus decided to defend itself, it did not work.

Akela missed! i>

John Aaron became a legend. He was nicknamed «Steely-Eyed Missile Man», that hardly gives in translation means something like "cool man with nerves of steel and eggs, which sees the root, tells essentially and can find original solutions to critical time » i>.

And when in the building where every second launches rocket to the moon, you are called «Missile Man», that is, rough - a rocket, God humbly collect my things, so you could take his throne and rule the skies.

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