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May 14 lander spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M" landed in the Kazakh steppe, and members of the 35th expedition to the ISS safely back home to Earth. Including the commander, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield - the first Canadian who has made a spacewalk and became a major star in Earth orbit in recent years.

Chris recorded training videos, how to wash their hands in zero gravity, led the tweeter, made a lot of pictures with the views of our planet from space and recorded the first ever music video, created in space on popular hits by David Bowie "Space Odyssey" and collect on YouTube already more than 8.5 million views.

Reports about life on the ISS, as well as the commander of the 35th expedition Chris Hadfield - the only Canadian citizen who visited at one time on our station "Mir».

30 pictures and comments to them, then took


2.Znakomtes Chris Hadfield. Flights - it is his destiny. Got lёtnuyu license in 16 years, two years before graduating from high school, and just lёtnuyu career, he has mastered more than 70 types of aircraft. Chris Hadfield - the only Canadian who visited the station "Mir, the first Canadian Commander of the ISS, the first Canadian citizen who has made a spacewalk,


At the cemetery near the Kremlin wall in Moscow, November 29, 2012, where the buried urn containing the ashes of Yuri Gagarin - the first man in space


4. spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M" with the crew of Expedition 34-35 at the launch site Baikonur cosmodrome on December 17, 2012. Also read the article "Baikonur Cosmodrome and Star City»


5.Ekipazh ship: Chris Hadfield, NASA Flight Engineer Thomas Marshbёrn commander of "Soyuz" Roman Romanenko December 19, 2012.


6.Poehali! Start spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M" from the Baikonur cosmodrome on 19 December 2012.




On board the ISS Chris Hadfield much photographed.


9.Tak our Lake Baikal looks from space 26 February 2013.


10. In a confined space is not as boring as it may seem. Christmas on the ISS on December 25 2012.


11.Tak moon looks from space.


12. "When I look at the storm and the storm on top, I think I see a person. And what you see in the clouds?


13.Kris in the "Dome" - a module of the International Space Station on 25 February 2013. It is a panorama panoramic dome, consisting of seven transparent windows. Designed to monitor the Earth's surface, outer space, and work in the open space people or equipment.


14.Prirodny icebreaker. " Strait in eastern Canada between Labrador and Newfoundland.


15.Na ISS aboard the first private space truck Dragon SpaceX profits fruits, March 29 2013.


16.Nochnoy London on February 2, 2013.


17.Palmovye Islands - an archipelago of artificial islands created by the hand of man on Earth. Dubai, March 20, 2013. Read more in the article "The artificial islands in Dubai."


18.Kris Hadfield and Robonaut 2 - the first humanoid robot in space. In the hands of Robonaut five fingers with joints like a human. The machine is able to write, capture and add items to keep heavy items, such as a dumbbell weight of 9 kg.


19.Saudovskaya Arabia from space, May 3, 2013.


20.Ostrova Antipodes - a small archipelago in the south-east of New Zealand, April 7, 2013. The Antipodes Islands - UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the New Zealand subantarctic.


21. As products sprinkle with salt and pepper without gravity? ISS sprayed salt water peppered oil


22.Kris Hadfield and water bubbles on the ISS on 21 January 2013. In weightlessness, the only force that acts on a drop of water - surface tension force. Under the influence of this force drop takes the most stable form, which spent the least energy - the shape of a ball.


23.Oblaka in the Crimea on the Black Sea.


24.Odnoy of the main objectives in creating the ISS is the possibility of the station experiments that require unique conditions of space flight: microgravity, vacuum, cosmic radiation, not weakened the Earth's atmosphere. Major areas of research include biology, physics, astronomy, cosmology and meteorology.


25.Nyu York April 23, 2013.


26.Reka St. Lawrence - a major waterway in North America, flowing through the US and Canada, and connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean.


27.4 in May, at 06:30 Moscow time the lander spacecraft "Soyuz TMA-07M" with three members of the Expedition 35 crew landed safely in the Kazakh steppe


28 ...




30.After a touchdown. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (left), Russian cosmonaut Roman Romanenko (center) and American astronaut Thomas Marshbёrn in the Kazakh steppe, 14 May 2013.

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