Russian media, citing Medvedchuk acknowledged Ukraine as part of Russia. Because supposedly no boundaries ...

Well - all as expected!
So I wanted to leave the topic for the morning (the night is still not the most readable time), but something stsuko, made yesterday Medvedchuk and his sixes answer.
And as the water looked - in the morning I would have been too late))))

However, I expected the argument that Ukraine has no borders and, therefore, violate virtually nothing from Churkin, but the boys in the Kremlin decided that for domestic consumption and the fake bad.
And, frankly, I did not expect so quickly react to Russian media seldom visited resource comrade. Mdvedchuka. He, though, and the godfather of Putin and Medvedev, but it is unlikely that the site is actively monitored.

Ie there is an information box stuffing that Moscow waited - and razduplilis almost instantly. Thus, we received another proof of the hostile work Medvedchuk Ukrainian state. But this stuff - everyone knows that the old man and his schizoid Marchenko Skoda, ottrubivshey in the area for the distribution of drugs, there is no place to put the stigma ...

And if yesterday the Russian (and medvedchukovskie - especially visiting their pages - only Medvedchuk and Ksenia in the "interests") trolls could not do anything intelligible to say that in the early morning, having received manuals, began to dull copy the same text (different IPs , different profiles, but exactly the same text with the same grammatical errors).

And then the media and the Kremlin tightened with their vision problems. Sami are they the type did not notice, but the reference to "an experienced lawyer," "one of the most informed politicians Ukraine", "the former head of the presidential administration," Viktor Medvedchuk said that in the case of Russian troops on the "so-called" the territory of Ukraine there is no talk about "trespassing" can not be, because ... there are no boundaries.

This is a series of juggling, there are links to non-existent statement of the UN Secretary General and obscure statement previously cautious Nazarbayev.

But first things first.

The Russian side deliberately confusing concepts. Referring to Medvedchuk, Nazarbayev and somehow the UN Secretary General, allegedly gave an exclusive interview (attention!) English program "The X Factor" (which in itself is funny - see. For more details), the boys say that the borders between Ukraine and Russia do not there.
At the same time used the term "demarcation", not understanding its essence.
Demarcation (very easy on the fingers once again explain) - a designation on the ground already approved limits. Shareware - pillar. Today - a ditch. But the demarcation carried out on the basis of signed contracts that exist.
And Customs - is also an element of demarcation.
But someone really need to mislead the citizens of both Russia and Ukraine.

The reference to the speech of UN Secretary General did not consider - well, he could not say those stupid things he Medvedchuk "quoted". Even Nazarbayev was cautious - he said on the borders "vzagalŃ–", referring to the "disputed area" (!). Ie we would like the border in general, but not signed "plot." And there can be interpreted in different ways.
Kremlin media, of course, say that the border treaty is not (I wonder what the presidents signed in 2003 and ratified by parliaments in 2004?), But because everything around - raseyskoy.
However, no one admits that there is a site - offshore section - in which constantly debate.

Actively engaged in the demarcation is not - it's true. No one suggested that the need to build a fence between the two once fraternal peoples. Namely, "fence" and the Russian media abroad believe - not documents. No "fence" - no border.
And this heresy, they are trying to put into the heads of the Russians. With the aging and begins from the mind to survive Nazarbayev (I wonder what it Putin keeps his balls?).

And it turns out that more than 100 countries recognize the Ukrainian border, and Putin and his six CIS general boundaries are blind. With the submission of "Ukrainian patriots" Viktor Medvedchuk.

By the way, once again I ask the question - why it has not sitting?
Or a little factual material?
Or the power of hope through it to conduct negotiations with the Kremlin? Marchenko old man, remember, regularly advised Tymoshenko ...
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