The beauty of your hands

Once this is done,

We will make a big beautiful candlestick in the form of leaves and flowers. To start from a sheet of metal cut and grind the workpiece.

The blank is heated, is placed between the two forms (one convex, the other vpuklaya :)) and prokovyvaetsya under pressure. It turns rough corrugated blank, vaguely reminiscent of a leaf.

To her welded rod, showing the stem. As a result, at the other end will be attached candle.

Until the next sheet of red hot and pliable, it is given a curved shape. How will like to do a piece of metal sheet to this depends on the skill of the smith.

For convenience, the arch sheet better in a semi-circular ingot.

Finishing touches. Quite naturally happened.

Defer until the list, let us flower. It is forged from scrap :) Well, not scrap scrap ingot but impressive.
With two round bars is thinning a few inches from the end of the rod.

And what is more, in unfetters thin rod. It will also be a stem, but the flower.

A remaining at the end of the thickening unfetters into an oval.

Something like a lollipop should get.

Powerful pneumatic press can unchain the metal plate up to a couple of millimeters thick. We have even thinner. As long as we put the workpiece into the furnace and return to the sheet.

This part of the operation is called "Taming the Dragon».

Himself sheet is ready, but need to work on the stem. Rod warmed up, pinched and twisted.

At one time to give the correct form does not work, so I have to try.

Gnehm, pull, inciting, heated again Gnehm.

The result is about the worm. Leave to cool.

Harvesting of the most flower ivy. As I said, I get a little more than the thickness of a millimeter. Hide Beautiful flower of a millimeter steel is not an easy task, so continue.

To unchain the metal in a thin layer, it is necessary to reduce the area of ​​contact with the anvil. With this copes cylindrical piece of rebar. Flapjack increases the area twice.

To the resulting blade is welded a piece of the pencil, it will be a flower pistil.

Very thin edge neatly wrapped around the pistil.

It is very important not to flatten it. Curved then be problematic. It gives shape to the petals, pistil aligned.

The main and most difficult part is over. From roundels forged bowl under the wax. It will be planted on the "tail of the dragon».

Now we need to organically combine the stems of the leaves and flowers.

Several fittings, adjustments of steam outbreaks welding.

And now we have almost finished candlestick.

It remains only to finalize the overall shape.

Test ignition spark. Lights!

We attach candlestick final gloss and appearance. Scale and other vermin grinder or a brush to clean off metal.

All products are painted, and the ground at the same time.

The final stage of a blacksmith Yuri turns into the designer. Patina and is almost dry brush applied green, gold and silver layers. Immediately going audience

The main thing is not to overdo it.

That is all candelabra ready. You can put on the table, put on an exhibition.
Of course, it is not a rose made of metal, but still beautiful.



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