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Very instructive story about how bank 7 months filming their wrong an advertisement.

The author writes:
Near my house hung a billboard. Shield small 0, 5 x 1 m.
This shield pointer pointed to the ATM one of the very large Russian banks. Hung shield nobody touched, would have hung up a "second coming", but to me in early February from Moscow arrived in each trip.
He had a card of the bank and in the evening we went to the address indicated on the billboard withdraw some money.
Go only 50 m. There communicating a small factory, but no ATM. Was talking about four years ago, but he was taken away.
Wrote to the bank about it directly through their website.

Wrote and the forgotten. It has been 7 months and one day of September I answer comes from the bank.
From reading I had a shock! Then I burst into Homeric laughter, then I firmly pondered idiocy and bureaucracy tsarivshem in our "respected and highly reputable institutions." And that's what happened. A specialist who wrote me an answer from the bank, accidentally (other explanation I can find) sent all internal correspondence in my treatment.
Spread a letter from the bank as it is, without censorship.
All the names, positions left real (country must know its "heroes"!).
The name of the bank, its domain and the city - made-up of the head (still inside information service, do not want to hit a girl who I mistakenly sent it all together with the answer).
I removed a lot of unnecessary information, citation, service fields, addresses "Cc", "Bcc", "Importance", etc. Signatures are also circumcised with the development of events (often the value of a signature indicating the positions and divisions was more than 10 lines!)
Enjoy :)

Finally, the secretary could not stand it and after hours she went and photographed this shit.
Thus ascertained that shit belongs to the bank.

After that began a long correspondence (for several months), with all (including with Moscow), search for the guilty, and figuring out who is going to do.

This advertising shield could easily knock down a jump with one blow of the hammer.
Instead, the administrative apparatus of the bank 7 months looking for the guilty, tossed from one job to another and sat pants and skirts in offices


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