The system of interbank electronic payments in Ukraine. How does this work

Interbank electronic payment system (BOT) i> Ukraine - is the main system of payments between banks and institutions of the State Treasury in Ukraine. It is through it happens bulk of payments between individuals and legal entities in the country. BOT is a closed RTGS-system in which money circulates in a closed fiscal space and are under the control of the emission Naionalnogo bank. So - how it works ...

It would seem, at what here Luzhkov Yushchenko? It Yushchenko was behind the formation of the Ukrainian banking system during his tenure as chairman of the National Bank (NBU) i> in 1993-1999. At this time, we developed and implemented a lot of intra-tools, systems, and to develop a broad regulatory framework. Then developed and launched the BOT.

As of 01.01.2014 SES participants were 423 institutions, including:
180 - banks (on 01.01.2014, in Ukraine there were 183 bank) i> 178 - bank branches 28 - Bodies of the State Treasury Service 37 - establishment of the National Bank 2013:
347 was performed, 6 million payment $ 12, $ 7 trillion. UAH. (1, 5 trillion. dollars) i> per day in 2013
1, 4 million. Payment $ 50, 5 billion UAH. (6 billion. Dollars) i> the balance of the SEP accounts of participants: 27, 8 billion. UAH. (3, 5 billion. dollars) i>

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