Crime and relief of Russia

An interesting analytical information about crime in Russia, which was superimposed on the three-dimensional relief map of the country. The higher rate of crime in a certain region, the higher the comparable point on the map. An interesting project.

Region: crimes per 100 thous. Inhabitants
Tuva Republic 62, 31
Chita Region 36 75
Republic of Buryatia 30, 46
Chukotka Auto. District 30, 14
Nenets Autonomous. District 30, 12

Registered crimes (100 thousand. Residents)

Juvenile Crimes (100 thous. Inhabitants)

Female criminals (100 thousand. Residents)

Thefts (100 thous. Inhabitants)

Crimes recidivist (100 thous. Inhabitants)

Rape and attempted rape (100 thousand. Residents)

Murder and attempted murder (100 ths. Inhabitants)


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