If you want a lot of money at once? Not so simple...

In truth I say to you, it's just some kind of brain stem from the ancient sorcerers from Iceland. In order to get rich, shamans Iceland obeyed very extraordinary custom. Be sure to read further.

In Iceland, for many centuries, there is a very strange custom, which is able to bring you untold wealth, and quite quickly. The ancient sorcerers or shamans had to get permission of the dying man to perform the ritual after his death. When a person dies, the shaman shot with his lower body skin, then put on !!! to myself. But that's not all :) also had to steal from the widow of a coin of any denomination and sew it into the scrotum of these "peculiar" pants made of human skin. What is most interesting, a few of these pants have survived to the present day, and some of them are now in the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Iceland. Tin;)


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