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Swiss guy Simon Josse traveled to Russia, and then decided to share his impressions of the trip with you;) read more.

In Brest was a long stop - rails in Belarus and Russia is wider. Changed the wheel. Anatoly, my companion, explained that this is because Russian did not want the Germans could quickly move to Russia during the war.

Here you go women and persistently offered a lot of food - Anatoly taught me how to give up on the Russian - net ne nada

In Moscow I met Alex and his friend on an old Russian car. The machine was not working and the petrol gauge needle jumped on the position of "tank empty" to "full tank" - but Alex somehow always knew how many petrol and said that the Russian often drive inoperative speedometer.

A strange machine, as if sitting on a stool with wheels.

Alex driving

But these strange machines even the police goes.

Traffic in Russia immediately evident that different from ours. I would not sit in Russia behind the wheel.
Begin to move very rapidly, very rapidly rebuilt. Overtaking on the right - there is a common occurrence. Another Russian do not know what a full line of markup can not be crossed and crossed even double.

Go quickly and do not keep your distance. A lot of accidents, I saw two or three a day! A lot of cars dented after the accident, and continue to drive. It seems that it does not bother anyone, even the police.

Alex lives in a 25-minute drive from the train station, at home, we were immediately greeted by his cat. Alex said. that she is as crazy as he is.

In Russia, I spent the night in 10 places, and went to the guests - and all living cats - I think the cat is in every Russian home. And everywhere they can not leave the house.

In the area of ​​130 thousand people live - as much as in the entire capital of Switzerland! And then it's just the area.

Biker center.

Alex bliny treated me with caviar. This Russian dish, something like a thin omelet. Eggs I first did not recognize - «that is caviar, hey, you are in Russia, dude!» Alex told me. Treat to drink I could not - in Russia forbidden to drink driving, generally.

Ate national Russian soup, borstch.

If you are in Russia for more than three days, then you need to register with the police. I think it can be done on the internet, but I had to go by and fill a lot of papers.

When I asked where I do check when I go to Mongolia, I was told that it is no use to anybody, and I'll throw it away. It is not clear - why do it if it is necessary to nobody and nobody's check?

Registered. Alex said that now the KGB knows where I am.

I found a church where Russian buying wine. Alex said he buys wine only in the church, because the store is counterfeit.

We drove the so-called "Street", where there was no asphalt, despite the fact that there were houses.

I brought a gift raclette cheese for cooking, but in Russia the other plug. While I was thinking where to get an adapter - Alex picked up and simply broke the third plug - and it worked!

In Russia, a lot of shops are open, not shut, day and night. It is very convenient!
The department, which sells vodka

Russian drink a lot of tea from large mugs. And no one drank vodka with me, before I came to Siberia.
To Siberia, I thought it was a stereotype, and Russian vodka do not drink.

Me and my friend Alex placed in a country house of his parents - these homes are called datcha

Toilets on datcha somehow do away from home, separate cabins, which smells and where there are no seats.

We went to 11 pm, but the road was a big suburban traffic. I thought it was because of the accident, but it turned out that there is every day.
Almost all the time we went to the sidelines, standing on the road ahead.

In Moscow, there are no public toilets, only temporary.

Russian submarine.

In Russia, a lot of military equipment in the streets, as monuments and small playgrounds. Everywhere directly on guns and tanks children play.

When I went to the beach football, at the entrance was a metal detector. My backpack rang, it was a knife, I wanted to pass it, but I was told that I was going through. I asked, he said that I had a knife, but I still told to pass.

There was another metal detector, security guard standing near, but the detector was turned off for some reason.

Played Russia-Switzerland, but I had to hurt in silence, except for me, no one supported Switzerland.

In Russia, it takes quite a lot of concerts, visited by many groups.
The well-known group tickets are very expensive - more expensive than in Switzerland.
At one concert I met a girl in a T-shirt Swiss studio Voodoo rhythm! She was Russian. Wow!

It is time to leave Moscow.
At the station, a lot of police, at the same time in one place.


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