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Crimean events force once again turn to the subject of the empire. I am convinced that much of what is now considered to be imperial, is actually a small-town savagery and vice versa that the Imperials traditionally hate - would lead the country to glory and greatness.

Who are the Imperials? Some of them are nostalgic for the Soviet Union, in his mind communism, socialism and other blessings of the past. Some of them monarchist, taking inspiration from the Tsarist Russian Orthodox. There are among the Imperials and a fair number of representatives gopnicheskoy philosophy, understand the empire as a strong right to do what I want and take everything that is bad and that you can take by force. And yet I would like to summarize all this in a good way. Let it be people who dream to see Russia strong, powerful, great.

We must ask ourselves whether Russia can become a respected country, if not respect its own citizens? Today, these are times that the strong are those countries whose nationals are thriving, even if these countries are small. Conversely, even the big countries, but oppressing their people, do not cause such a compelling interest and imitation.

Earlier Empire held a sword, on trade, political influence. Today, the role of trade, technological influence is growing. It's hard not to take that Facebook in some sense - the empire that in some sense the empire - Google. Hollywood and Bollywood - with their ability to communicate across borders and affect the way of life of millions. Music, art, technology, business standards. McDonald's is a small restaurant the same in India, and Brazil, and the United States. Corporate culture penetrates beyond the sea better than armies. And then there are the religious influence, the influence of the media, the impact of technology construction of cities.

Russia today affects the world? This effect is destructive, it is built on bayonets, blackmail, on the exploitation of low-lying examples. To justify their actions in the international arena Russia takes not the best of what there is in the world, and the worst, "and you're in a certain year do just invaded", "and you also put in prison." Can hardly be called a provincial style dialogue worthy of a great country.

Problems of orphans, the disabled, the elderly, small nations, environmental issues, business issues, problems of workers, roads, army, housing, village, city - we did absolutely everything started, well, what then imperial habits!

I know that many of us would like to see Russia become an attractive country. Would like to see in Russia were drawn to want to join us, so that we have more allies and economic and cultural, and military. Take the same Ukraine, Belarus. If we could be strong, prosperous democratic state - the fraternal peoples would have more reason to reach for us again and who knows, maybe once again become part of the new alliance, based on a more solid foundation.

Instead, we take, invades Ukraine, Crimea hastily torn away. Do this step quickly, without free will, under our bayonets. And how Crimeans believe that it is joining voluntarily if we do not give all Crimeans calmly discuss if threatened them with guns, shooting in the air? And who in the world would believe in such a "referendum"? Let us go back to the original question - but what we did achieve. Will we once again become influential, respected, if we act meanly respect even to his own allies?

There is much talk about the United States as a country influential in the world. But look how they act. After World War II, they liberated Europe, will do not like the USSR, inhibits the occupied countries and do not give room for free will. FRG as France. Italy, Greece - became a free country, none of the US troops did not enter when not like another choice, well, for example, when the French Socialists came to power.

Whether growing US influence? Yes. And the European Union. But largely because they do not put all their puppets, are not satisfied with fake referendums.

Ideally there comes a collective West? Of course not. And who will stop him from mistakes? Russia in its cynicism? But if Russia was strong democratic development - then yes, maybe the West and have been able to save some rash actions. But it if Russia were a voice of reason in the world, and not the voice of madness "not of this world».

I understand that not everyone will dare to admit the truth of an Imperial my reasoning. But I will say this. What Russia is doing now in the Ukraine - to the empire has no relation. This is a step to reduce the impact of Russia, its collapse and fall. This act of savage, vile, nesoyuznichesky. Conversely, if Russia supported the democratic transformation of Kiev, if extended a helping hand - this way would inevitably lead Russia to a truly global greatness.
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