I felt

And again - female logic, and everything connected with it, and is associated. Going with a friend, driving it in the trunk of June 20-liter bottles of water (for some water to Pushcha-Voditsa traveled). We drive to the traffic lights. Green switches to flashing. Gas is added, and in the gap between the yellow and red with a squeal enter a left turn. Bottles in the trunk actively friendly with each other and with the body machine.
At 30 meters the second traffic light. Still green. With the same squeal become, as driven, green flashing mode is enabled by squeaking reziny.Na silent but expressive question about a certain inconsistency, the answer should be:
-I Felt so.
There are no words. So I imagine the valiant gaytsy which a similar question about driving through a red (yes even and yellow) light, Mademoiselle corresponds so.
It's a pity serviceman in advance. Stupor.


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