How is it in the Crimea with the Russian authorities?

Yesterday and today I went to work in Kerch. The road is not easy. Three hours on the way to one side. That's almost the whole day at the wheel and passes. I must admit that the Russians flooded through the Kerch ferry to the fullest. Yesterday overtook a caravan of wagons with udmurdskimi rooms. I wonder where and what drove udmurdy. Today, first met the caravan of Rostov, on the way back was ahead of Krasnodar. What I do not carry oni- knows. But the shelves in the stores are empty with incredible speed. In Kerch me whisper informed that the rod Krasnodar to Kerch families and buying products in their stores. "They row all. Especially vodka. We have it 35 UAH in Krasnodare- 100 UAH. Cigarettes pull bags. Gather all the canned food, especially the Ukrainian manufacturers. They say that everything here is cheaper than 2 times. " Yes, I thought. And we expect that Russia in the Crimea will be transporting goods. Fuck bald. They will remove the last. Yesterday Kerch pensioners, a la Russians receiving pensions in rubles. First cried from happiness, "Here they are, ruble, rodnenky ..." Then someone of them younger, and apparently, an economist in the past, decided to still be counted. Converted into hryvnia and got almost the same as that received in the past, in the hated Ukraine. But throat fought for retirement 2 times higher ??? So, those retirees who are imbued unwavering will to win over the mind of the Russian spirit, decided immediately otovarit mad money at the supermarket. And oh, the horror. Ruble in supermarkets and grocery stores still do not accept. Adepts had to go to the exchanger, after which the amount of pension in local currency equal to that of the former Ukrainian. But the elderly Russian patriots did not lose heart. "Still ahead, we will increase the pension, and the fact that today's pension malenkaya- it all the machinations of Ukrainians." Russian passports they rejoice, kiss them and pressed to his heart. Fulfilled the most sacred. Well, God be with him, that without a residence permit. We live here, and we shall live. And it intrigues propiska- Ukrainians.
Call me a friend and told me that voted for Russia. No, of course it does not melt from the love of fellow men, but her boss promised her brandy, holiday premium for the vote on the referendum. So it is all said cheerfully, that is all I even smiled. But then a friend changed his tone and sadly noted that her son was now left without work since worked Privatbank. She herself is now under threat of dismissal. And in all seriousness asks me: & quot; What it is, where is the justice? & Quot; I felt sorry for her, and to somehow cheer, I said that is not all bad. Now she has a cognac, holiday bonus. Somehow she hung up. Apparently, now we are no longer friends.
Went back today from Kerch in Simferopol, ponder the meaning of life and did not notice how grossly violated traffic rules. Well, what I'm broke - do not succumb to doubt. Indeed, the town drove 140 km / h, coming on through a continuous overtaking on the bridge, which turns 90 degrees. Rain came ... In short, when it decided to overtake on the same bridge of the second, it appears that this GAI. Well, I had to join the debate. I immediately asked rudely, at whose SDA I will stoop? When Sergeant Petrenko said that Ukrainian, because Russian shte not worked out, I gladly agreed to pay a fine. For some reason he invited me to his car and sat right behind the wheel. They certainly seemed to me more comfortable steering wheel. He was sitting next to the passenger seat, holding a tripod with a "scooter". Hugged him, like the Eiffel Tower. Looks like "sight" for lunch today have already gained. In short, I immediately offered to resolve the issue in our opinion, in Ukrainian. She said that I have 500 USD. I think it would be fair if I get them 300 deposit. Long they did not resist, and put me in the right 300. Then talked about Rosiii, about the occupation. They were a normal guy, wished me a good journey. When I was pulling out of my rights have dropped their 300 and my 500. Yes, I thought. We ukraintsy- mysterious and incredibly good nation. Interestingly, gaytsy too so think when you do not find yourself my 500 UAH?


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